Signed Confession from Man Who Forged TVXQ Signatures on Shenzhen Concert Confirmation Doc

The internet is abuzz today after a copy of the signed confession was revealed from the person who forged Junsu’s, Yoochun’s and Jaejoong’s signature on the Shenzhen concert Note of Confirmation document.

The person who signed it will remain anonymous for now, but admitted that SM (TVXQ’s Korean management company) gave the order to sign the Note of Confirmation instead of the three members.

In addition, the person who forged JaeChunSu’s names admitted that neither SM nor himself/herself received permission from either of the three members to sign their names.

The person admitted Jaejoong, Yoochun, and JunsuĀ  were totally unaware that SM was obligating them to perform in Shenzhen without their knowledge. The concert itself wasn’t confirmed until after the three filed a lawsuit against SM. Neither of the three members signed the Note of Confirmation or the Shenzhen contract.

When SM issued an ultimatum to the members and wanted them to perform in Shenzhen, they also refused to show the Shenzhen contract to the three members or their attorney. This refusal was possibly because SM knew the signatures were forged on the contract.

In classic SM fashion, they tried unsuccessfully to blame the three members for the cancellation of the Shenzhen concert. Fans were outraged and suspicions began around the signatures on the Note of Confirmation.

The representative for the three members revealed that neither one of them signed any contracts to do a show in Shenzhen, and SM is left to answer for what some have called their unethical behavior.

Here’s the picture:


I, the writer of this note of confirmation, followed orders from XXXX of SM Entertainment in March of 2009 and signed the documents for the Shenzhen concert instead of the three members.

In signing these documents, neither the writer of this note nor SM Entertainment received permission beforehand and afterwards from the three members to use their signatures.

The Shenzhen concert was completely unknown to the three members at the time of the lawsuit and it was confirmed after the lawsuit began.

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