Is it just me or is Junsu’s sexiness really showing itself recently? At the concert, the normally adorable Junsu really took it up a few notches by singing a special live performance called ‘Xiahtic’.

View below:

When I first watching the performance, I was like ‘Go head on Junsu! Alright now!’ He was the perfect combination of being sexy without being raunchy or ridiculous.

Of course this is coming from a someone who only started to pay more focused attention to Junsu after seeing the Mirotic dance version video (pv). I didn’t realize how great of a dancer he is until that video for some reason.

Usually, Junsu has this cuter-than-cute image; a super-sweet character who likes to laugh and have fun. But he, along with the other 4 guys, is also an incredible performer. You can see it on his face how serious he is and feel the passion behind his voice.

Without getting too perverted, Junsu is built in a very sexy way and moves in a very erotic manner. He also has a special feature we all love to look at: that round butt!

Sexy Junsu! Gotta love him!



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