Seung Ri Honestly Admires Junsu

What? Honesty won over a macho image? Big Bang member Seung Ri is man enough to admit he admires someone other than himself. According to translated articles, the humble Seung Ri is a fan of Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ); especially the beautifully-voiced Junsu.

The younger Seung Ri says he is a member of one of Junsu’s online cafe fan clubs. He also says his TVXQ fandom makes him want to be better.

According to translations of Seung Ri’s Jan 15 interview on MBC FM ‘ShimShimTaPa’, he says, “…To tell you the truth, if I get the chance to have a meal with Junsu-hyung for once it would be so great (laughs).”

Junsu is the target of many admirers — mostly because of his powerful voice — as are all members of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Personally, I admire Seung Ri’s honesty. It’s refreshing to see a guy be so open about who he looks up to, especially if that person could be considered competition.


I’m disheartened, however, that some a-holes online are using his admissions to make suggestions about Seung Ri’s sexuality. It’s disgusting how a guy can’t be honest AND not be labeled. But so what? I wouldn’t care if Seung Ri had a big ole’ donkey crush on Junsu. It’s not my business nor is it important to the quality of the music.

The point is no guy should be subjected to embarrassing questions about his manhood simply because they look up to another guy. It’s totally hateful.

Everyone has someone that they deeply look up to. For example, Yunho greatly admires Michael Jackson’s dancing ability and Jaejoong admires former H.O.T. member KangTa. Does that mean they wanna shack up? Heck no.

Anyway, I’ll send a big shout out to Big Bang’s Seung Ri. Keep being humble and don’t be afraid to show your support for those you admire.

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