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I have to say I am very impressed with the way Junsu handled himself after injuring himself just before the start of Tohoshinki’s Japanese tour.

Can you imagine how helpless he must have been feeling after not being able to dance — something he loves to do just as much as singing? 

Many people would have been too frustrated to do much of anything. But he still managed to find a place for himself within the performances, even if he had to appear on stage in a wheelchair while his fellow members pushed him around.   I’m sure he felt incredibly frustrated, but he almost never let it show in his on-stage performance.

He wanted to be part of the show so much. He didn’t run away or try to get out of an embarrassing situation by having to sing his heart out while stuck in a wheelchair. He may have felt like he was burdening his fellow members because they had to scramble to change their performances.

{joomplu:594}Through all this, Junsu remained focus and wanted to contribute in any way possible to the enjoyment of the show. He didn’t whine, he didn’t hide, he didn’t even complain. He apologized repeatedly for not being able to perform for fans at 100%, even though he wasn’t at fault.

He received a lot of love and cheers of appreciation from fans who were impressed by his actions. 

Given the recent fan account of Junsu doing much better and giving his usual powerful performance in the latest live show, you’d have to assume he’s ecstatic now that he can once again perform with the other 4 members.

I liked the way he handled himself and the concern he showed towards the fans.

What do you think?

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