090317 Pikakin Radio ‘King Kong’ Who has a beauty and angel voice?
DJMAN: right now, we are playing TVXQ’s song, and now we present to you, coming inside the recording room is…
Junsu: long time no see.
DJWOMAN: long time no see.
Jae: long time no see.
DJMAN: all the members are now entering the room.
DJWOMAN: erm, excuse me Mr. Shimono (djman), where is my seat?
DJMAN: ha, yes?
Everyone: haha! XD
Junsu: what? Here is your seat?
DJWOMAN: you can just seat on my knees.
Junsu: no

DJWOMAN: well, it won’t make any differences. Let’s welcome TVXQ!!
TVXQ: hello everyone! we are TVXQ!
DJWOMAN: welcome.
Jae: sorry becasue we are late.
DJWOMAN: its ok. don’t worry.
Jae: yes it’s ok.
Yunho: it’s ok. no worries.
DJWOMAN: now, 5 people are already gathered here.
DJMAN: yes.
DJWOMAN: so, first, we should play the goldun lot of pikakin.
TVXQ: oh.
Jae: do that again?
DJWOMAN: so, who will draw the lot?
Junsu: let yoochun do it.
Jae: yeah, since yoochun is good and very lucky.
Changmin: he is a lucky man.
Junsu: yes. lucky man!
Yoochun: do i really have to do it?
DJWOMAN: so it will be yoochun? then let’s start drawing the lot.
Jae: one, two..
DJMAN: what are you writing?
Yoochun: TVXQ…
Junsu: what is it?
DJMAN: looks like he is writing a lot of word yet.
Junsu: haha! congratulation! come… on?
Jae: what is it?
Junsu; laiban?
DJWOMAN: congratulations! it’s Laiban!
Jae: congratulations! Laiban!!
DJWOMAN: the meaning of “laiban” is “come to osaka”
TVXQ: ah.
Jae: thanks changmin!
DJWOMAN:changmin please follow me, “come to osaka”
Changmin: “come to osaka”
everyone: hahaha!!
Yunho: what’s that?
DJMAN: what is that tone?!

Jae: (keeps on reading a letter) changmin, this has been already past but still i will say, “happy birthday”
DJMAN: happy birthday!
Changmin: thanks.
DJWOMAN: everyone, thanks again for coming to pikakin. so, we are done with our draw lot.
Jae: yes!
DJWOMAN: are you alright?
Jae: yes we are alright.
DJWOMAN: don’t you have any allergy or bad cold?
Jae: well, junsu have a little itchy nose.
DJMAN: oh, is that true? is your nose that itchy?
Junsu: yep.
DJWOMAN: junsu, is it an allergy?
Junsu: yep.
DJWOMAN: well, here i got a tissue paper.
Junsu: don’t worry about it.
DJMAN: miss wakamiya, will the audience want to hear TVXQ’s voices?
DJMAN: yes, it may be agood chance.
DJWOMAN: well, who would go first?
Junsu: i will. Long time no see. this is TVXQ member Junsu
DJWOMAN: long time no see.
DJMAN: please give your comments.
Junsu: please give us comments.
DJWOMAN: don’t worry.. (talking about junsu’s allergy)
Junsu: yes. i won’t.
Yoochun: i’m yoochun please do support us.
DJWOMAN: yes, he is yoochun who is standing next to me.
DJMAN: please do support him.
Yoochun: yes.
Jae: i’m jae joong please do support me.
DJWOMAN: please do give your support.
Changmin: hey guys! please do support us.
DJWOMA: changmin, do you still remember?
Changmin: yes of course.
DJWOMAN: thanks.
Changmin: it is clear.
Jae: before that… you have a little… to changmin… you are little…
DJWOMAN: what?
Jae: you treat changmin very different.
DJMAN: yes, she’s treating her diferent.
Jae: yes different from others.
DJWOMAN: nothing special, just doing it like a favor.
Jae: we don’t belive.
DJWOMAN: no, i like you all.
Jae: haha!
DJWOMAN: i like everyone.
Junsu: what kang kang? (hehe.)
DJMAN: miss wakamiya… yunho is waiting…
DJWOMAN: ah~ yes!
Yunho: i always wait…
DJMAN: please do give your message…
DJWOMAN: the next one is the leader of TVXQ, yunho
Yunho: yes.
DJMAN: i just said that.
DJWOMAN: no you didn’t.
DJMAN: let him introduce himself.
DJWOMAN: haha, sorry.
Yunho: i’m yunho, please do supports us.
DJMAN: please do support them!
DJWOMAN: thanks. Next, we will give you a brief introduction of the group. If i have some mistakes, please point them out and tell me.
TVXQ: ok.
DJWOMAN: TVXQ, including YUnho ( the leader), Junsu, Yoochun, Changmin and Jae joong debuted last Febuary 2004 with their debut song in Korea.
In 2005, they invaded Japan w/ their debut song . In 2007, they sent us a message saying, “we really love the food,
next time, would you like to play with us?”. Changmin, who can speak like a japanese girl haven’t showed us that talent.
During summer at that time, we visited them in their shooting in KObe of . At that time, we had a mistake with Junsu’s name but then,
it was still succesful because of Jae joong. Durong the planning of the Pikakin programme, Yunho and Jae were invited in the discussion.
From march to may 2008, TVXQ T Live tour 2008 were performed from 17 diferent places where 150,000 persons went to see it. The first credibility prize was gotten by
by this 3 songs. They reflashed the history records of the foreigners. Last december, they got the best
work of SBS GOLDEN DIAK, at the same time, they appeared in red and white w/ hope and a song meeting. They became great actores in asia.
TVXQ, not only to act at their homeland (korea) but also in japan, taiwan, china, and malaysia. Everyday, TVXQ go back and fort by plane. What are they really are? Today, 5 members are gathered here on the scene.
TVXQ: haha, thanks.
DJMAN: how was it? did she make anymistake?
Jae: no she didn’t.
Junsu: she’s great.
Yoochun: no mistake.
DJMAN: really? no mistake?
DJWOMAN: junsu, is it true? what are you talking about?
Junsu: words of praises.
DJWOMAN: oh~ thanks.
Jae: have a little favor to changmin.
DJWOMAN: haha, i am not like that. jae, i said to him, please give me a good and kind help.
Jae: perhaps, you called my name in a wrong way.
Everyone: ahehehe..
DJMAN: do you feel disappointed?
Jae: yes.

Source: TVXQ baidu
Trans by: ✖JAEDETTE✖@onetvxq
Shared By: DBSKnights



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