Speciality: Piano, Composing songs + lyrics
He has a strong need for feeling responsible. He is able to read mood/atmosphere well. As Yunho would say, “He’s the type of person to always say “Let’s make a song together”. He’s able to put forward many suggestions during these times.”
(Something Yoochun said) – “Japanese noodles are the best. Recently I’ve had a thing for Miso noodles.”

His English proficiency comes from the fact that he studied school in America.

One would never have imagine such a husky voice that can be sung in Korean, Japanese and English (including rap) could come out of such a warming face. This particular husky voice is what makes him unique in the group.
During live performances or at awards ceremonies, there are times when he tears but sayings like “he’s a real man” and “he’s got that cute aspect but you can still feel his manliness” continue to revolve around him. It is this characteristic that attracts and throbs the hearts of many Japanese women out there.

DOB: 4 June 1986
Blood Type: O
Height: 180CM

“I was so excited to go to Japan for the first time that I hadn’t thought much of anything – I only took a few CDs; I didn’t even take my laptop nor set up roaming for my phone. It was only when we arrived that reality slowly hit me (laughs).
“None of us were able to speak Japanese, so we were never able to express our feelings. Every day I had thought of wanting to go back to Korea, but slowly the live music/performances started to appeal to me in Japan. In Japan, you’re truly able to feel the communication between you and the audience with live music.

“Even though in Korea we got to perform at the biggest venues performing the biggest and coolest performances, in Japan we loved singing to small audiences, who enjoyed our songs quietly. That was a difference between the audience in Japan and the audience in Korea.

But nevertheless, the realisation of us being known in Japan was something that we could’ve never imagined.
For me personally, it would be nice if the 5 of us could one day host our own show together, something similar to SMAPxSMAP – a fun talk show, a show that would let us perform and let us play any newly composed songs… if the 5 of us could host something like that it would be great.”

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