New Hot Fanfiction (Warning!!)

A few hot new TVXQ fanfiction stories have been added to the fanfiction section!

A Showered Anniversary (NC-17)


Walking into the bathroom, Junsu closed the door but didn’t lock it saying to himself that Yoochun wouldn’t be home for 30 min. so he had enough time to take a shower before he got home. Whereas if he was home and found out Junsu was getting in the shower he would make sure Junsu wouldn’t leave without a pleasurable experience.

Wow… what happened? You’ll have to be old enough to read it to find out. Tongue out


That Forbidden Word (NC-17)

I watch you everyday, on that computer, typing away like you don’t know what effect you have on me.
I wish that you could notice how I feel.
I wish that you could see me like I see you.
I watch you everyday, sing and dance, the only way that you know how, that sexy way.

Read the full oneshot here

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