Moon Hee Jun and Jaejoong; HOT member speaks Jaejoong Youngwoong
According to translated reports from Naver and sharingyoochun, former member of the Korean boy band H.O.T., Moon Hee Jun, spoke about his closeness to TVXQ’s Jaejoong.  H.O.T., I supposed you could say, was the ‘TVXQ’ of the 90s and spawn what seems like a million Korean boy bands.

When asked, Hee Jun says Jaejoong loves his music the most.  Hee Jun actually remembers Jaejoong at one of their concerts. Can you believe it? According to the translation, he says, “Among all audiences’ faces, I only could see Jaejoong very clearly from the stage. So I always noticed his existence…”

Since most boy bands have female fans, the guys really take notice when they see male fans. Note the excitement TVXQ members show when a guy admits to being a fan of theirs. LOL!

The theory is, more likely than not, guys have to like the actual music before they become a fan of the artist. Thus, seeing a guy fan means the music itself is good and that they aren’t fans simply because they like the way the artist looks.  That’s the perception, anyway.

Hee Jun goes on to say, “While [on] the other hand, we didn’t have that many fanboys, so among all those fangirls who were screaming our names, of course Jaejoong stood out. I didn’t know who Jaejoong was at the time. I [never] thought [to] myself ‘is he a fan of mine?’ “

This was all before Jaejoong debuted as a singer with TVXQ.  It wasn’t until after TVXQ debuted, says Hee Jun, that Jaejoong introduced himself as a fan of H.O.T.

Even Jaejoong’s father spoke to Hee Jun — again according to the translation — to tell him about his son’s adoration. 

Hee Jun says: “When I met his father, he said to me ‘Jaejoong adores Moon Hee Jun a lot, he even has your poster on his room’s wall, listens to your song, and has a dream to be a singer too’. From that point, I started to hang out with Jaejoong.  We talk about music while drinking.  Surprisingly, Jaejoong has the same music tastes as me, which makes us [bond] even better.”

He also adds that TVXQ are building their own unique music after first starting off with a similar sound as H.O.T.

Moon Hee Jun sings this song called ‘Toy’ which I find to be one of the better Kpop (rock?) songs I’ve heard in a while.

It also doesn’t surprise me why Jaejoong likes his music. It is heavy in rock influence and, as you may have already read, I think Jaejoong has a perfect voice for rock music.  Jaejoong’s rock influence is obvious in not only the way he sings, but also noticeable in his personal style.

Source Mat:
Baidu + Mr.TVXQ
trans: sharingyoochun @wordpress

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