Korean DBSK Fans Buy Ads to Support the Guys


Fans of the South Korean supergroup TVXQ (also known as DBSK and Tohoshinki) have come together to raised money to create their own ads of support for the guys. 

The first ads came out August 14 in FOCUS Seoul (page 41). Check out the links and the picture below.

Korean and international clubs are releasing letters of support and other gifts to send directly to TVXQ while they’re fighting for an improved contract with their slave masters talent agency, SM Entertainment (SM).


SM has previously tried to defend the ridiculous 13 year contract signed with at least some members of TVXQ, and have tried to claim they gave TVXQ 40% of their profits.

Many people are incredibly skeptical about statements SM has released concerning their treatment of TVXQ and how much money the guys were supposed to be receiving.

The three members personally involved in going to court for better contract terms are Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun. They have also filed to preserve evidence for future hearings in the case as well.  They say they were not told by SM how much their income is.

For a refresher course about this issue, read SM Makes Unbelievable Money Claims, TVXQ Files Preservation of Evidence Request, and DBSK Fighting SM for Better Contract Terms.

FOCUS Seoul ad in support of TVXQ:

Cassie AD in FOCUS for TVXQ DBSK Tohoshinki

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