Kat-tun’s Akanishi Jin likes TVXQ

KAT-TUN’s Akanishi Jin’s article in Myojo Magazine where he mentioned Tohoshinki.

Q: When you go karaoke-ing, what song do you usually sing?

Akanishi Jin: I can’t really decide. It really depends on the time, sometimes its Linkin Park or some others. Hey, have you heard of Tohoshinki? I only got to know them recently. But I heard they actually sing in Japanese ne. It’s really cool, right? Totally cool.

Q: カラオケのシメの一曲、なににする?

A: 決まってない。 そんなときによって違う。リンキン・パークとか。 ねね、そういえば東方神起って知ってる? 俺、最近知ったんだけど。 日本語で歌ってるんだよね。すごくね? すごいよね。”

Source: mihsayam@LJ

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