Junsu – DBSK Perfect Women? Part 2

Junsu, Junsu, Junsu! The type of woman who would be perfect for Junsu would have to be someone who has a soft spot for his adorableness!
I can’t be sure but I think Junsu may like women who remind him of specific qualities of his mom. Not in a creepy way! In a sweet way.

Junsu has a very sweet personality but he still has a few ‘jock-like’ tendencies: he loves sports and he can only focus intensely on one or a couple of things at a time. LOL!
He’s also deceptively sexy! Go and look at the way Junsu’s built. He has a small waist but he’s very hot! And any lady worth 2 cents can appreciate that plump, oh-so-squeezable derriere!

A great lady for Junsu may be one who has a deep appreciation and complete affection for the things he’s interested in. He’s a twin, so if his brother JunHo doesn’t like her, I’m not sure she’ll stand a chance with him.

He has a good soul and the ability to make the people around him smile without even trying, from the videos I’ve seen.

However, he should definitely stay away from manipulative women! Yuk! Those kind could be poisonous to his relationships with his friends and family, not to mention his bank account.

I always joke online that I could never be Junsu’s girlfriend because first, he’d have to like women older than him (LOL!), and second, I’m afraid I would totally let him get away with all kinds of stuff.

I’d be like ‘Junsu! You said you’d call me…!’ blah blah blah. Then he’ll do an adorable pose, make baby sounds (think the ‘Vacation’ minidrama), or start singing with his beautiful voice and I’d totally melt! Waahhh~~ Junsuuu~~ LOL!

He, like all the rest of the guys, would probably do well keeping his relationships extremely secret/discreet from the public. Come on now girls! They are grown men now. :-p

You can tell that he’s precious and works hard, so he needs a funny (but not wild) woman who knows how to cherish that.

What do you think?
Credit: dongbanger.com


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