JJ Magazine May 09: Junsu’s Dream Date (ENG)

Everyone has been waiting long~~

A gift to you, “heart shaped” pizza that’s specially made for you, being able to see your happy face is my joy.

Special date- I don’t usually do this ^^ Maybe when she’s not aware of anything i’ll prepare a surprise, and that’s cooking. Maybe she can’t imagine what dishes i’ll make. Last time on a Japanese program I cooked but I wasn’t successful (laughs).

Menu is: Because my dad’s a manager for a pizza shop in Korea, making a pizza shouldn’t be a problem. A heart shaped pizza ^^ Ah, it’s so hard!! (laughs) But bringing a heart shaped pizza must be very surprising ^^

After arriving we can eat the pizza while watching DVD, just relax spending a day like this. Ah, so this is a special date ^^ It’s quite a normal day after all ^^ However it’s the most comfortable day~

If it’s an outing, I really wanna go to the seaside because i like places with crowded atmosphere and it’s by the sea. In the evening we can play at the shore and when it’s night, we can go to a place with beautiful scenery. Because of work i went there before and rode on a sightseeing coach. The night scenery was absolutely beautiful~

In the still of the night staring at such breath-taking scenery and with this romantic aura, sitting beside me was my manager and at instant reality came back. Oh yea, couple shirts!! There are a lot of people wearing couple shirts in Korea ^^ Just two people wearing it feels very good.

Of course showing off like this in front of everone is embarrassing but it’s just stating two people’s steady relationship and how loving they are. I always have a feeling like this, I think this is a very nice thought, confirm!

She and i will wear couple shirts and go to the shore and ride on a sightseeing coach!! Although it’s very eye catching but if can, I will quietly write “Good!”**

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