Yep, Jaejoong, Yoochu and Junsu did in fact attend the Mnet AMA Awards show to pick up the award for 2009 Best Asia Star!  The crowd’s screams were deafening as they made their way up to the microphones to give an acceptance speech.

Not only were they gorgeous, sincere and seemed to be a bit sad at currently being involved in one of the most challenging situations of their careers.  The three are in a dispute with their Korean management agency, SM.

Junsu said, “This award isn’t due to one member’s hard work. It’s gained by all five of our hard work. And this makes it even more special.”

During his remarks, Yoochun was quoted as saying, “I think today is the first time that I’ve wanted to sing so badly.” SM has currently suspended all of TVXQ’s Korean activities as a group.

At one point during their acceptance speech, the camera cut to a stoic Jaejoong as he was holding the award in his hands.

When it was Jaejoong’s turn to speak he sent a special message not only to the Korean fans but to two very special friends who were watching (or would watch) them at home:

“And I don’t know if they are watching now…Our two friends, I want to say ‘I love you’ “.

Many have concluded that the message was intended for Yunho and Changmin.

SM, by the way, is “boycotting” the MAMA awards for an unrelated dispute it’s having with the MAMA producers. 

Because of a recent court decision, SM is barred from interfering with the individual activities of the three members. Yunho and Changmin decided not to become involved in the lawsuit (yet?).

As a result, SM couldn’t keep the three from being there to represent TVXQ by picking up the award.

There are unconfirmed fan reports that both Jaejoong and Yoochun cried at one point when they were backstage, and that Yoochun’s mother was there with them.

It’s serious to them because they have always been 5 for as long as they can remember. Since their debut, there have always been 5 members at important events like this. It must have really been tough for them.

Watch video of their acceptance:

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