Jaejoong (TVXQ) likes Music by American Singer Avant

During Tohoshinki’s weekly radio show, Bigeast Station 113, Jaejoong revealed that his favorite song at the moment is one by American R&B singer Avant.

The song currently stuck in his head is Avant’s “This is your night”. The ‘magic-faced’ Jaejoong says no matter how many times he listens to the song, he doesn’t get sick of it. Who wants to bet that the song either reminds him of someone, or he wishes he were in a similar situation?

CM: Changmin
Jae: Jaejoong
YH: Yunho


CM: It’s now time for the Tohokenburoku corner. In this corner, we’ll introduce the music, movies, places etc that Tohoshinki likes. Today, the person in-charge of the Tohokenburoku corner is — Jaejoong isn’t it?!
Jae: Yes! It’s Jaejoong.
CM: Ya~~~
Jae: Yes~~
CM: Who do you want to introduce?
Jae: Who I want to introduce is… An artiste that might not be very well known in Japan
CM: Even in Korea, he’s also not known by many?
Jae: Yes, that’s it! But he’s well known in America. I want to introduce to everyone an artiste called Avant.
CM: Ah~~ He’s called Avant?
Jae: Yes
CM: Not bad~ So let’s trouble Jaejoong to introduce
Jae: Firstly, Avant is a RnB singer, most of the lyrics are about broken relationship (CM: Ohh) but his voice and tone is very manly, a little wild
CM: Oh~
Jae: Yes, it’s this kind of character/feel. Also, last year? I started listening to his songs from last year, and this year I’m really into his songs, they are really great! For me~ there’s a song I like especially, I’ve been listening to it for a week now.
CM: Only listening to that song?
Jae: Yup
CM: Oh~
Jae: Listening to it all the time!
YH: Wo~ and the title is?
CM: The title is…
Jae: Wait, can I say the title? Wahaha
YH+CM: It’s okay! We can say it
Jae: Hahaha
YH: Say it~ It’s okay
Jae: “This is your night”
YH: Ah~~~
CM: Oh~~~
Jae: I… How do I say this.. No matter how many times I listen to this song, I won’t…
YH: …Get sick of it
Jae: It’s that kind of feeling
YH: I see~ To be honest, before, I didn’t know about this artist. But now..
CM: Also want to listen to it
YH: I want to try listening
Jae: Yes, I’ve been trying to look for his CD and stuff. Because it’s his CD, I think it’s worth looking forward to.
CM: As a gift, which CD would you want?
Jae: Maybe the one that I don’t have
YH: Ah~ I really want to listen to it quickly!
CM: Okay, today Jaejoong has introduced to us some stuff about Avant. Thank you! Who will introduce this segment the next time ’round? Please look forward to it! This has been “Tohokenburoku”.
Jae: Now let us enjoy Avant’s “This is your night”.

Listen to Avant’s “This is Your Night” below:

Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net {mos_fb_discuss:2}

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