Jaejoong Speaks Directly to Fans; Says now is a “tough period”

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The conversation between JaeJoong (JJ) and Cassies after the ‘Heaven Postman’ movie preview:

MC: Now, let’s welcome Hero JaeJoong. (Fans cheering~)

JJ: Hello everyone. (Fans continue cheering~)

JJ: Woo~ It is much more comfortable here~

JJ: I… what should I say?

(A fan amidst the crowd: I LOVE YOU!)

JJ: … Hello.

JJ: Press conference has just ended ; There was too many cameras, too uncomfortable… (Laughs)

JJ: Is everyone feeling great?

Fans: Yes!

JJ: What have all of you been doing?

(Fans: “Oppa is so handsome!”, “The movie is great!”, “We’ve been waiting for it~~~”)

JJ: … Really. (Took a long, deep breath, he seems really nervous…)

(Fans: “Wooo~~~~”)

JJ: I was really nervous during the press conference, but it all went away the moment I reached here…

(Fans scream: “… Oppa!” “Looks like a doll!”)

JJ: Is it?

JJ: The time is…

(Fans thought that its going to end soon and said “What~”)

JJ: I have yet to say anything…

(Fans laugh~~)

JJ: The time is short, so everyone, please ask some questions and I will answer them.

(Fans were all cheering~~)

JJ: Kidding~~

(All fans went crazy and… undulated~~~)

JJ: (Laughs) Eh, first of all, the first preview, it was my first time watching the complete version too. Eh… very interesting.

JJ: Though there are some awkward moments…

(Fans laugh~ and shouted “Kiss Scene!”)

JJ: Kiss scene was interesting too…

(Fans: “Ahh~~~”)

JJ: The ending part… the lines are very meaningful. Hope that everyone can watch this movie joyfully and have a good laugh.

JJ: And… now is a very tough period of time…

(Fans: “Ah~~~” heartbreaks..)

JJ: During this tough period of time, to have made everyone worried about us, I’m really sorry…

(Fans: “Oppa hwaiting!” “Oppa keep the spirit up~”)

JJ: (Laughs) This is a secret, actually its not really a secret. Not long ago, I logged onto DNBN to check the comments from everyone…

(Fans screaming~~)

JJ: Then I can only logged in using “XXJaeJoong”…

(Fans laugh~)

JJ: Because I’m really curious, wanting to know what everyone thinks.. what everyone is worried about…

JJ: The chances for us to meet now is getting lesser… don’t even have a chance to say what I wanted to, to everyone, and there isn’t any place that we can have a conversation with on the internet, therefore…

JJ: This preview event, got to know from the director that there is a chance for me to have a conversation with everyone, I’m really grateful for that..

JJ: Though I can’t say anything that would be considered happy right now… but at least I can let everyone take a look at me, to be able to talk to everyone… really… in the midst of such a worrying period, if everyone can have a good laugh while watching this movie, that would be good…

JJ: … Ah… the male actor named on the movie is “Hero JaeJoong” isn’t it?

Fans: Yes!

JJ: … Therefore, have to do according to what they say… (Laugh~)

(Fans: “Aii~~” once again it breaks their hearts…)

JJ: Then, that’s all…

(Fans: “No!” “Don’t go~~” “Oppa, let’s leave together~”)

JJ: I should leave already…

(Fans: “Please stay awhile more~” “Oppa, let’s leave together!”)

JJ: (Laughs…) I really don’t wish to leave too…

(Fans: “Aii~~”)

JJ: But… (took a deep breath…) as long as everyone finds the movie nice, that would be enough for me…

Fans: “We have yet to watch it together!?”

JJ: Everyone please support the movie! Thank you!

(Fans almost broke into tears…)

(JaeJoong left after a hand sign…)

(Fans: “We can’t even watch it together…”)


Source: JaeJoong Bar
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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