Jaejoong really Takes Care of his Friends! Gets Keita to Show Support for Taegoon

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Youngwoong Jaejoong knows how to take care of his friends! If you weren’t already aware, Jaejoong is childhood friends with newly debuted artist Taegoon. He is also very close to Japanese star and w-inds member Keita Tachibana.

Well when one friend (Taegoon) had a concert in Japan, Jaejoong asked the other friend (Keita) to send a message of support. Even though Keita and Taegoon haven’t even met yet!

Jaejoong wasn’t able to physically be there at Taegoon’s show, so he wanted to make sure Taegoon knew he had support.

Here is Keita’s message of support to Taegoon:

Good evening to all of you who are in Nakano Zero hall. This is w-inds Tachibana Keita. Why I joined in this comment video (despite the fact that Taegoon and Keita don’t even know each other yet), it’s because last night suddenly I got a call from my friend Jaejoong. ‘My hoobae Taegoon will do a concert, please make a support message!”. When I already got such request, it’s hard for me to refuse.

Therefore now I can show my support to Taegoon’s debut concert as well. For Taegoon-san, you already made your debut, but we haven’t met each other yet. (everyone laughs)

I’m expecting a great performance. If only I get the chance, I really want to watch the performance myself, and through Jaejoong, I think we can meet someday. So good luck and I hope today you’ll make your own great performance.”

Despite going through a serious situation himself, Jaejoong is always considerate of his friends.

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