THSK released their 4th Album [The Secret Code] on the 25th of March. This time we’ll be interviewing their lead vocal – Jaejoong. We ask about what he’s doing recently, the album, and many other questions!

*Jaejoong reading [Kindai] diligently* Ah, it’s Uno-san!

–That’s right. Ah, right. You’ve performed with AAA at A-Nation, right?
JJ: Yeah, I really liked performing with them cause they were all so nice and funny. Ah, I know this person! Ah, I see this person often in dramas! *talking to himself while reading*

–So, Jaejoong. Let’s begin. Since this is another Jaejoong solo interview, I hope to see more of Jaejoong’s charisma.
*Interviewer gets ignored as Jaejoong continues reading*
–Jaejoong-san! Were you listening?
JJ: You said “Since this is another Jaejoong solo interview, I hope to see more of Jaejoong’s charisma.”, right? *laughs*

–Ah, so you heard me!
JJ: I heard you. THSK are always good at listening.

—[THSK] and not [Jaejoong]? *laughs*
JJ: Umm~ which one.. Perhaps both *laughs* Because Junsu often doesn’t hear things. *laughs* What are you going to ask today?

—Things like ‘Have you grown taller?’ *laughs*
JJ: Hahaha. That’s very detailed questionnaire *laughs* I grew. About 1cm since debut. Although I don’t think I can grow taller anymore. Oh, and I grew heavier about a month ago so I started training again and my muscles started getting bigger. But because Japanese staff and fans said they don’t like a muscular Jaejoong, so I stopped training so vigorously.

— They said they didn’t like a muscular Jaejoong? *laughs*
JJ: Yeah, they said they didn’t like it *laughs*

— Hahaha. You said you trained very hard.
JJ: Yeah, I thought I would look cool so I trained hard but they said they didn’t like it. That’s so cruel, right? *laughs* They said it was fine for Yunho and Changmin to have muscles since they look manly. In Korea, they say that a muscular Jaejoong is handsome, but in Japan, for some reason, they said that my muscles don’t match my face….

–Hahaha. I guess it’s a matter of perspective. *laughs* NO matter how you look at it, Jaejoong has a prince-like face so if you have muscles it’s a little… When you just came to Japan, your hair was as long as your shoulders, right? You looked more androgynous then and you were wearing a tank top. When I saw you I went ‘wow’, I can still remember that *laughs*
JJ: I see. So you don’t like it too *sigh* I trained so hard everyday so I could match the sexy, manly feel of [Mirotic] and [Survivor] but everyone was like ‘Eh~Jaejoong-san, I don’t like that’. Jaejoong is so pitiable. *laughs* So, I’ll change. I’ll try my best not to bulk up in Japan *Laughs* But, my character is really different in both Japan and Korea. In Japan, I’m the Jaejoong of many smiles, but in Korea, I’m the cool Jaejoong. I sort of have a cold image in Korea.

—Which Jaejoong is closer to the real Jaejoong?
JJ: The Jaejoong in Japan? Recently, the Jaejoong in Korea is moving closer to the Jaejoong in Japan. In Korea, before we debuted, they said I would suit a cool image since I’m standing in the center, and so I worked hard towards creating that image. When we came to Japan, I wanted to present a more natural Jaejoong so I’ve shown you my true self on camera.
–I see. So, recently, Jaejoong has slowly been changing too.
JJ: Yeah. In Korea, I’ve noticed comments like ‘Surprisingly, Jaejoong can be funny’. *laughs*

— I see. That’s nice
JJ: Yeah, I’m happy

— You’ve been busy since debut, and especially so recently, right? Do you rest?
JJ: I went on break during Lunar New Year. For 10 days. I spent it really leisurely. To the point that I didn’t know what to do.

—Haha. What did you go?
JJ: Firstly, I went home, met my friends and family and had a good rest, then I went to China with Junsu and Yoochun

— Wasn’t it hard for you since you got recognized?
JJ: Yeah, it was a little tough *laughs* but it was really fun! And after I returned, I went drinking with friends again. After that, no matter how hard I thought, I didn’t have anything to do so I passed the days by thinking of what I should do

— Haha. That’s funny *laughs* I guess all your fans will like this side of you.
JJ: I guess *laughs* So I just watched TV at home, went to the health club, ate dinner alone….Because I had nothing to do, I started writing songs..*laughs* It’s not normal for us to have rest days.

—And yet you always talk about how you want rest days
JJ: Yeah, that’s right *laughs*

—Bet you wanted to go shopping.
JJ: Yeah, but because there are many people…. I wanted to shop when I was in Japan but once we arrived in Japan, our schedule was so packed that I couldn’t go. That’s such a shame

—Jaejoong, you really like clothes right? Didn’t you say you didn’t like skinny jeans a while ago? But you’ve been wearing them often recently.
JJ: Yeah, I fell in love with skinny jeans recently! I like wearing boots over that. This style is really fashionable in Japan, and I thought it was pretty cool so I tried it. At that time, Korea hadn’t caught on to this style so at first, I received reactions like ‘What’s that? Jaejoong looks like a girl’. The fashions in Japan and Korea are different but that’s interesting. This is related to the differences in image that I mentioned earlier. In Korea, I prefer wearing suits and the like to make myself look more mature but because I want to look younger in Japan, I wear casual fashion!

— What’s this difference about? *laughs* What’s the matter? (T/N: Japanese gag. Dou i-ukoto? The usual answer is ‘Sou i-u koto’ but if you say it quickly it becomes shyoyukoto)
JJ: Shyoyu koto! (Soy Sauce) I really like this gag *looks happy*

— ….. Having Junsu tell Oyaji gags is enough. Ah, that’s right. Your age is different in Korea and Japan right?
JJ: Yeah, in Korea, I’m already 25! But in Japan, I’m still 23!

— Last time you wanted to be an adult. Now you want to look younger.
JJ: ‘Cause I’ve become an uncle *laughs*

— *laughs* Have you become addicted to any Japanese food recently? Previously it was natto, and you even brought natto back to Korea to eat, didn’t you? *laughs*
JJ: Umm~ What’s that? Do you have one?
—Me? I do. Hoshiimo (T/N: dried sweet potato) *laughs* Do you know what that is? Ah, didn’t I give you a packet when I came in just now? *laughs*
JJ: Ah! I know that! I like it! We don’t have it in Korea! Our manager buys it from time to time and I fell in love with it after one bite… I really like it! It’s soft and chewy!

—-And what are most interested in recently?
JJ: Internet! Internet! Internet gaming. I’ve finally gotten addicted *laughs* I actually like gaming but I know I’ll get addicted once I start so I’ve been controlling myself but I still got addicted. That’s the thing all 5 of us will start doing once we get together *laughs* Once the 5 of us get together, we’ll turn on our notebooks and start. *laughs* It becomes just like an internet café. Junsu’s the most addicted. Last time, Junsu even used 2 computers to play *laughs* But thanks to gaming, our recording sessions aren’t as boring as what they used to be.

—-Speaking of recording, your 4th album [The Secret Code] goes on sale on the 25th of March, right?
JJ: Yeah. It’s our 4th album already. This album is filled with THSK’s growth one year after our last album, [T]. You’ll experience many things from the time you’re born till now. And you’ll need a secret code to understand what that person has experienced. This album is a secret code to understanding THSK. It can also be used as a secret code.

— There’s a song Jaejoong wrote as well, right?
JJ: Yeah. It has [Wasurenaide] (T/N: Please don’t forget) from this year’s first single, a Triple A single [Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky/ Wasurenaide] and I also wrote [9095].

—It’s a song about a fantasy new world. I think it’s a really pretty song.
JJ: Thank you. I did the arrangement myself. H.U.B wrote the lyrics. I wanted to write a song with a global perspective that tied in with the album’s view. Although we have many dance tracks this time, because we have dance tracks with different feel, I think we have a good balance and I believe it’s a album with a wide variety.

— I see. Songs like [Taxi] are nice too.
JJ: Of course it’s good! It’s a sad love song and while singing it, I felt kind of depressed. All 5 of us love it; be it dance tracks or ballads, I want to quickly sing them live! I think this album will be really great live so it’d be great if everyone could listen to this album a lot and come to our concerts! Besides singing tracks from our album, we’ll sing old songs too so please come! I’ll be waiting for you!

Translated by: Sparkskey @ LiveJournal, http://sparkskey.livejournal.com/48601.html
Credits: DNBN
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