Interview: Yunho Heading To the Ground Drama

Jung Yunho| “TVXQ members sent a text message saying, ‘If you don’t do well, you’ll get in big trouble.'”

The 21st century’s idol star is not just a star who only sings and dances on stage. Whether or not it be the fans’ wish, they have the tendency to want to do more which crosses the boundary between the stage and the rest of the world. During this period, there have been many cases where they succeed to have another career, such as being actors. TVXQ, who has the world’s largest fan club consisting of over 800,000 official members worldwide, is no exception. As a start, in 2006, they filmed the movie <Vacation>.

As of now, Hero Jaejoong has already finished filming the tele-cinema <Heaven’s Postman> and Max Changmin has been casted as the main in a drama < Paradise Meadow>. Finally on September 9th, the first episode of the MBC drama <Heading to the Ground> is set to air where TVXQ’s leader, U-know Yunho, will make his official debut as an actor. We were able to meet actor Jung Yunho at the <Heading to the Ground> press conference on September 2nd. We will release the official interview where most of the questions were centered around him, which proved the extent of his popularity.

What will happen to TVXQ?
Jung Yunho:
Honestly speaking, I can’t say anything as of now, but more than anything, I wish that everything will be resolved well and rationally.

Honestly, isn’t it difficult for it to be solved successfully?
Jung Yunho:
I don’t understand why people continue to think negatively. (laugh) In fact, there has been a lot of ugly rumors recently. So even if the problem can be solved well, there are times when I also think negatively because of the rumors. I hope no one would believe in those.

“TVXQ members support me a lot”

Did the members give any words of support or advice regarding your drama appearance?
Jung Yunho:
When shooting a drama, many of the filming takes place all night long, so we often share stories through texting. “Yah, If you don’t do well, you’ll get in big trouble.” They send these types of messages. Also, since I would see all the members at home, they would ask, “Did you do well today? How was it?” When I answered by saying, “Since it was my first time I was very nervous, but I’m working really hard so watch over me with a positive view,” they would reply “Okay, we will.” These are some things, but they often support me by saying that they wish the drama will become a success.

Thoughts on filming your first drama?
Jung Yunho:
I lived as a singer for five years, but it’s my first time acting. It’s new and fun. I feel as though I’m growing together with the drama. I also feel that working on one project with the director and writer itself is a life study.

It is known that there have been many dramas in which you had the choice to choose from. What would be a reason why you chose <Heading to the Ground>?
Jung Yunho:
I also found out from a news article about the rumored liaison for the drama. Truthfully, when I saw the article, I said, “Uh, I’m doing this drama?” (laugh) The members’ individual solo activities were matters determined last year to be after the Tokyo Dome concert. During vacation, I happened to see the script <Heading to the Ground> and I thought, “Even though I lack experience, I really want to do this.” I was at first attracted to the title, then when I read the synopsis, I really had the heart to do it. We’re filming right now and honestly there are a lot of parts where I’m insufficient. However, I’m putting a lot of effort to show a better performance, so I hope people will watch over me with a positive view .

“Because of the love for soccer, we do shoot-outs during filming”

In <Heading to the Ground>, Jung Yunho got out of his idol image by exposing his upper body as well as having a kiss scene.

What were your thoughts when meeting Director Park Sung Soo?
Jung Yunho:
He was more of a neighbor hyung than a director. He gave the impression of an older cousin. We were similar in that we didn’t give up even after experiencing several life-threatening situations. I have several scars on my face and body. I received a lot of severe injuries during my lifetime. Also before debut when I came up to Seoul from Gwang-ju, while doing part-time jobs alone, there were times when I had to sleep outside. Since all the hard times went by, from now on, I hope there will only be good times.

The kiss scene between Lee Yoon Ji, who plays the character Yeoni, has been revealed; what are your thoughts about the scene?
Jung Yunho:
The scene was of a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, not a kiss scene. Oh, the viewers will misunderstand. (laugh) More than anything, honestly, the day before the shooting I was very nervous before going to sleep. There has never been a time when my lip touched someone else’s whether it be during drama or variety programs. I even thought about what would happen if I were to freeze. But when we started filming, Yoon Ji noona did it comfortably like a real friend so we were able to finish it quickly.

You appear as a soccer player in the drama, did you always have a lot of interest in sports?
Jung Yunho:
I normally really like soccer. Since the director also likes soccer, we do shoot-outs even during filming, but we haven’t decided the result for the game yet. In the drama, I have to portray a character who’s a professional soccer player, not just a person who enjoys playing soccer, so I would often be worried on whether I would be able to do it. But when I saw the revealed clip today, I think I hit it better than I thought I would, so I’m satisfied. (laugh)

In the released video clips, there are a lot of scenes where you’re exposing the upper body. Do you plan on showing more masculine appearances in the drama?
Jung Yunho:
First, I was pretty shocked myself, because even though I wasn’t ready, there were a few scenes where I had to take off my clothes. (laugh) If I had known, I would’ve shown a better performance.

“Cha Bong Goon is a highly motivated kid who believes in his instinct.”

It is known that you haven’t had a lot of time to prepare for your character. When do you feel that your own acting skills are insufficient?
Jung Yunho:
I feel that way especially whenever we film scenes that I haven’t experienced before. There was a scene where I had to have handcuffs on, but I didn’t know what emotions I had to put on in this situation since I’ve never been caught while doing something bad. It’s also something that can’t be done with only imagination. In a way, the role of Cha Bong Goon can be seen as a cute kid, or as a charismatic kid, and a highly motivated kid who believes in his instinct. Ah, but he’s not smart. (laugh) So in some parts, I feel that he and I are similar, so I’m trying to express it as it is. Although it’s a lot less than my urge to do better in acting, but from within the limit, I want to show Cha Bong Goon’s will to do better in soccer, my will to do better in acting. But above that, I think it’s most important to deliver the heart that is able to enjoy.

As much as you’ve officially started acting, the words of people’s criticisms will also rise. Are you ready for this?
Jung Yunho:
I think that these things are natural. It was also the same when we debuted, because there were people who criticized; I was able to grow and mature. And only in this moment I will be afflicted with the growing sickness, I believe all remarks are made out of interest and concern. Criticisms are always welcomed, and if you send a warm supporting message along with it, it’ll be great. Also if those criticisms are for the sake of <Heading to the Ground> then I’m not worried at all.

If you had to give a score to your own acting?
Jung Yunho:
Today was the better one. When I saw the teaser clips, I thought, “Ugh, what am I going to do,” but when I saw today’s, I think I’d give it around 50 points. (laugh) It’s only the beginning, so I think it’s impudent to argue back and forth regarding my acting. Teachers and seniors said that acting becomes more profound and broad-minded as you do more of it. I’m going to raise my score up slowly and orderly starting from 0.

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