Fill My Heart With Love [Yaoi]

by Walin



Title: Fill My Heart With Love [i suck at titles, if you can suggest a better one please let me know]
Starring: Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Shim Changmin, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu
Genre: Drama and Romance
Length: Chaptered
Author: Walin
Disclaimer: Of course these boys do not belong to me, but if they did I would make Yunho and Jaejoong get married right away. ^_^

Kim Jaejoong, a 17 year old senior in high school wants nothing but to turn 18 so that he can move out of his mom’s house. Why is Jaejoong so eager to get out of his mom’s house? Well, he thinks his new stepfather is a little creepy. Jaejoong has noticed his stepfather lurking around the bathroom when he comes out of the shower or at times he caught the man walking by his bedroom in the middle of the night. Something just wasn’t right about this man. And one night when his mom went out with her friends, Jaejoong is left at home with the stepfather. He soon finds out what a monster his stepfather is.

Kim Jaejoong: 17 years old, who runs away from home.
Jung Yunho: 27 years old, who is now living in the apartment.
Shim Changmin: 24 years old, a stepbrother to Jaejoong.
Park Yoochun: 30 years old, Yunho’s neighbor.
Kim Junsu: 21 years old, Yoochun’s student and lover.


‘Mom should be home now.’ Jaejoong looked down the street to his house. He had been hanging out at the internet café shop everyday after school for the last four months. Four months ago his mom got remarried for the second time to Mr Kang. Jaejoong had noticed that his new stepfather was looking at him in a weird way he didn’t know exactly what it was but his gut feelings told him it was not a good thing. Jaejoong would spend about 3 hours at the shop, until his mom would get home from work. In the morning, Jaejoong had no problems because he had started delivering newspapers at the crack of dawn, so that he could save up for an apartment of his own when his 18th birthday rolled around. He was out of the house before his lazy stepfather was up. Jaejoong walked up to the gate and pulled it open. ‘Where’s mom’s car?’ he looked around for the silver sports car.

“Our Joongie is home?” the man popped out from behind the front door to welcome home Jaejoong.

“Where’s my mom?” Jaejoong walked up the steps towards the front door with an annoyed look, he hated that the man called him by the same name his mom used.

“She called an hour ago and said she would be going out with her friends,” he pushed back the door with his back, making way for Jaejoong to step into the house.

“When is she coming home?” Jaejoong stepped into the house and took off his shoes.

“I don’t know yet, she said she’d give us a call. But you know it’ll be a couple of days like last time, so I guess we have to find something to eat for dinner without your mom,” he looked too happy in Jaejoong’s eyes.

“I ate at my friend’s house you can go out to find something for yourself. Don’t worry about me,” Jaejoong nodded and headed up the stairs. He wanted to get to his room as soon as possible, away from the man.

“I don’t feel like going out anymore,” he looked up to the boy who was going up the stairs. “Maybe you want something to eat later? Want me to order delivery?”

“No thanks! I’ve got some homework to do,” Jaejoong shouted before running up quickly and down the hall into his room. He took a look down the hall to see if his stepfather was coming up the stairs before shutting his door and locking it tightly. He wouldn’t go out of his room tonight.


“Are you still up?” the man knocked on his stepson’s bedroom door. “There’s an interesting show on if you want to come down and join me,” he could only wish his trap would work, but he knew his stepson was too smart. Not getting an answer he put his hand on the doorknob and tried to turn it. ‘Of course he would lock it!’ The man smirked to himself. “If you’re sleeping then I’ll let you rest. I’m going to bed also. Goodnight!” he spoke loudly for the person on the other side to hear him. ‘A chance like this doesn’t come easily. I would be a fool to let it slip away.’ He smirked as he made his way down the hall. He quickly went down the stairs and ran to the garage to look for anything that could break down that door. But as he got to the front of the garage he noticed something. The balcony to Jaejoong’s bedroom, “Heaven is on my side!” he quickly ran to the wall and noticed that there was a ladder propped to the back of the garage, a few feet away from Jaejoong’s balcony. He grabbed the ladder and propped it to the wall which reached up to the balcony. The man slowly began to climb. He made sure to not make any noise as he slowly pushed the sliding door open. The sight in front of him made him smile. Jaejoong was laying soundly in bed, the blanket half covering Jaejoong in his boxer and white top. The man quickly stripped off his own clothing. He walked closer to the bed and crawled in slowly. He rested his arms on each side of Jaejoong’s shoulder so that he could quickly grab the boy’s shoulders if he was to fight back. His body hovered only a few inches on top of Jaejoong, he lowered his face and took a sniff of Jaejoong’s cheeks. ‘Smells heavenly.’ Just the fragrance from the boy was getting him excited.

“Ahhhh!” Jaejoong’s eyes opened and the scream came out from the bottom of his stomach when he realized what was going on.

“Shhhh my boy,” the man muffled Jaejoong’s mouth with his left hand. “It’s only daddy,” he whispered slyly into Jaejoong’s ear.

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