MC Parts: Parts when the guys take a break from singing and talk to the crowd directly, tell jokes and try to entertain them.

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The MC started with the discussion about DBSK’s growth over the years, and moved on to the 3 songs that the members have composed. Junsu was really funny and tried to act sexy by saying, “Kiss the Baby Sk~y”, in a really low voice. Yoochun tried to respond by imitating Junsu for 2 sentences by both of them gave up after the first few lines.

Jaejoong then discussed a little about composing about Wasurenaide and 9095. He seemed really exhausted and rambled around for a good few minutes without saying anything particularly important and kept repeating himself.

Everyone else was really puzzled and stared at him. He realised it suddenly, went “eh?”, gave an embarassed laugh and end his speech quickly by thanking the Japanese fans for their support.(Whai so cute JJ?) Yunho suddenly appeared behind him at some point in time, with a black towel covering his face, and stared wriggling his fingers above Jaejoong’s head.

Then Changmin mentioned because their Japanese has improved a lot of the years since their debut in Japan due to the warm support from fans, promised that Tohoshinki will continue to work hard. I was really touched by the huge round of applause the fans gave at the end of the sentence, and I noticed that many people were nodding their heads in agreement ♥ I’m really proud of what they have achieved so far.

Junsu kicked off the oyaji gag section by saying, “Bed de futon ga futtonda.” (It’s a pretty popular oyaji gag in Japan.) All of the other members did different renditions of their new gag “Otsukare-yama”. Yoochun started with a sexy version. He swept his fingers across his lips, threw smoldering looks at the camera and winked. (Chunface is ♥)

Yunho then did a monomane of Otaki Hideji, a famous celebrity in Japan. Changmin, who claimed that he’s cute earlier, did a kawaii version of “Otsukare-yama” in this really cute voice and raised his hands up this teeny weeny bit above his head to form the shape of a mountain. (I died….)

Jaejoong did a serious Tohoshinki version, but Yunho suggested that he should do something more special, like a 2-year-old baby version. It was the cutest thing ever to see Jaejoong acting like a baby who’s still fumbling with his words. He was so embarassed and said, “I want to hide myself.” *__*

I couldn’t understand why but Yunho did this karate thingy and pretended to kick something out of the hall. IDK, the way he moved was so fluid and the kicks were executed with precision.

Changmin showed his witty side again and said, “Let’s move on the next song? I would like to sing the next song.” when the conversations started rambling on.

Yunho (or Jaejoong? I forgot ><) started the second MC by introducing The Way U Are and Break Up the Shell and explanined that both songs are from their first Japanese album, and that these 2 songs are pretty nostalgic. (I agree! The Japanese fans did the Korean chants “Yoongwoong Jaejoong” etc in The Way U Are and that brought back so many memories.) Then the topic of the MC moved to Kansai-ben since the concert’s in Osaka.

Jaejoong suggested that each of the members should say something in Kansai-ben, and decided that Yunho should start first. Within the 3 seconds Yunho took to think, Jaejoong suddenly changed his mind and said, “Ah, let’s start with Junsu instead.” While Yunho was protesting, Junsu replied with, “Honma ni?” [Hontou desuka(standard Japanese) = Really?]

Junsu then started off with, “Bochi bochi den naa.” [I’m fine./I’m doing well. In Kansai, people reply with “Bochi Bochi desu” when asked “How are you”.]
Yoochun screamed, “Sukiyanen!!” [Suki desu(standard Japanese) = I love you]

Jaejoong shouted, “Minna tanoshi mou naa!” [Let’s have a great time together] Unfortunately, it was met with a lackluster response because it’s not a distinctive Kansai style of speech. Poor Jaejoong was pretty surprised and laughed embarrassedly. He then gathered himself up and shouted, “Osaka wa saikou yanen!” [Osaka’s the best] and was met with a huge round of applause ♥

They chatted about something and Changmin responded with “Nande yanen?” at some point in time. [Nande yanen = WTF]
Yunho ended with a “Yoroshinku tanonmassa~” [Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu]

The topic moved on to the introduction of their new single, Stand By U, so the usual comments about new singles went on for a few minutes as they recommended the song. And then it was time for Changmin’s wit to shine again.

At some earlier point in time, Jaejoong commented about how Yoochun looked like he was going to die. (The camera zoomed in on Yoochun and he did some classic expressions again ♥) He suddenly dropped his bottle later, collapsed and rolled on the center stage. Jaejoong started laughing really hard. (JaeChun!)

When it was his turn to say something about Stand By U, Changmin immediately suggested that they should start singing the song soon since everyone’s tired. Of course, this comment was met by huge protests from fans and the other members. He pretended to look shock and said, “Aren’t you guys tired?”, and everyone protested again, claiming that Changmin’s evil. XD Changmin did’t back down and continued, “Don’t you guys want to listen to the new song?” (Have my babies Minnie ♥ I love the way your mind works)

Junsu then asked Changmin to introduce the song in Kansai-ben. Changmin shot a death glare to Junsu and looked stumped for a while. He then said, “Compared to a few years ago, I think Tohoshinki’s Japanese has improved a lot, but there’s still a long way to go. We are not fluent in Japanese and yet we’re trying to speak in Japanese dialects. I think we are pushing it too far.” Junsu refused to back down and continued to egg Changmin on, and some fans shouted as well. Changmin then said that he’s really stuck, shot a death glare at everyone and went on to say the typical stuff as he introduced the song in standard Japanese.

He then asked the fans to sit down, but some fans didn’t do it. He repeated the sentence in a more forceful manner, saying, “As I’ve said ealier, please sit down. It’s a song about unforgettable love and it would be better if you guys could listen to it while sitting down.” Thus the song started. It was lovely and I’m going to get the single despite the huge amount of money I’ve spent on concert goods.

There’s another short Ment after Kiss the Baby Sky and before Bolero. They thanked everyone in the audience for their generous support.

Please let me know if there’s any mistake in the order or details. ^^

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