CreBeau President Fights Back after Getting Blamed by SM for TVXQ Dispute


The CEO of CreBeau, Kang Suk Won, responded to public attacks from TVXQ’s Korean management company in an interview. He wants SM to apologize and to stop distorting the relationship (or lack thereof) between 3 members of TVXQ and CreBeau.

SM completely pushed the blame for the dispute between itself and TVXQ onto an investment the three guys (Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu) made into the company.

Kang stated the obvious by saying the dispute between SM and TVXQ has absolutely nothing to do with CreBeau.

Back in May of this year, Kang says CreaBeau branch of China was visited by representatives of SM who then approved the involvement of the three members, and that SM is distorting the truth after the fact.

From a translated article from (SM = SME)

Kang said, “In May 2009, some SME representatives visited the original branch of CreBeau Cosmetics in China twice. They determined that the members were not going against contract terms in any way, and now SME is distorting the true reason behind the case and putting out ridiculous claims…

“SME said that the whole lawsuit was due to the members’ wanting to continue a business that went against contract terms. This has no credibility in that SME has already approved of the investments previously. The members wouldn’t risk all the things that they gained as TVXQ by creating a conflict with their company over insignificant investments.

“It was a private investment, and the three have no ownership over the business in any way. They’re merely investors, nothing less, nothing more. What does this have to do with the lawsuit, and why is SME attempting to connect the two together?”

If CreBeau is seen as the reason why TVXQ is having the problems they’re having, it could have a devastating effect on the business. As a result, they have filed a defamation lawsuit against SM.

Kang went on to give a blistering critique of SM  saying that the management company seems to care more about their own profits than the effects their actions would have on other people.

More from the translated Daum Media article: (SM = SME)

“If SME’s company and its profits are so important that they are willing to harm others for it, then SME should recognize that it is the same for others.”

Kang went on to say that “If SME does not stop distorting the truth and doesn’t apologize for the harms it brought upon CreBeau, I will not hesitate to reveal the details of SME’s absurd act to the public and to the court.”

Why wouldn’t they know that another entity would not take this laying down? The way it looks to many observers is that SM is seeking to place the blame for their internal conflicts on external sources.

After being roundly criticized for the ridiculous clauses in its contract with TVXQ, it seems SM has yet to come to its senses when it comes to who many people will side with in this conflict.

The long SM refuses to make any concessions — particularly when they are in the wrong according to the Seoul District court decision — the worse they will look regardless of the final result of this dispute.

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