DJ: Oh yes, I heard Jaejoong is very good at cooking?
Jaejoong: Yes
Yunho: That’s right
Jaejoong: Cooking is a very joyful matter, and then when looking at other people eating my own cooking expressing on their faces the food is tasty, I will feel very happy
Yunho: Very delicious

DJ: Is it very delicious?
Yunho: Yes, really very delicious

DJ: And then you will share with everybody kimchi pot and such?
Jaejoong: Yes, I will make servings for 5 people

DJ: Ah…
Yunho: Isn’t controlling the amounts very difficult? This is the hardest part of cooking. But now Jaejoong always uses his own feeling, he just has to look once and immediately he’ll know, I myself also feel very surprised.

DJ: Don’t need to get a wife anymore
Yunho: I am also unable to believe… I gradually realise his strength
Jaejoong: But I am a complete man oh

DJ: Definitely, you have many female supporters too. Well then, once more, pick a song from your album to play
Jaejoong: Ok, this is a very smooth-sounding, light and fast dance track; please listen to Tohoshinki’s “Stand up”

DJ: Thank you
Yunho: Thank you

Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=564073225
English translation by tokyolovelight.livejournal.com
Chinese translation by cyndis1111@heyjj.cc
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