Bigeast Station 100 (ENG SUB)

Trans. for Dong Bang Shin Ki’s ( known as Tohoshinki in Japan) Japanese Bigeast Station radio show are out!

Yes, they guys are fluent in Japanese. The 3 hosts this time were Jaejoong, Junsu and Changmin. It was their 100th episode and they were all happy. 🙂



Even though they just released a new album in South Korea late last year, they’re releasing another Japanese album, The Secret Code, on March 25 2009.

During the show, of course Changmin gets to tease Junsu about his English skills. Junsu isn’t all that bad actually, but Changmin really, REALLY loves to tease him about it. You hear Changmin say “No good, it’s really no good!” to Junsu after he announces the group’s next single release titled “Survivor” which will be in stores on March 11.


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