3 Members Willing to talk to SM Only if SM follows Court Decision

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The attorney representing Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong in their battle for some form of freedom wants SM to respect the Court’s decision and pay the members money they earned for the first half of the year.

“Talks with SM will only be possible after these problems are solved,” the attorney said according to translated reports.

SM still has yet to pay the members any of the money they earned for the 1st half of this year, even before they filed the lawsuit.

It was SM’s decision to cancel the ShenZhen concert in China and attempt to blame the three members for it. 

However, attorney Lim Sang Hyuk (Sejong) says the 3 had already said they would participate if they could see details of the contract. Rather than having to reveal this information, SM apparently canceled the concert.

It is totally infuriating that SM didn’t even want to SHOW them the details of a contract for a show in which SM had already obligated them to participate.  The 3 members didn’t ask to set the terms of the contract. They simply wanted to SEE it, and SM absolutely refused.

The attorney is quoted as saying:

“The three members state that they would participate in the Shenzhen concert if SM showed them the details of the contract.  The three members are quite disturbed and saddened that SM did not show them the details of the contract till now and suddenly decided to cancel the concert today (13th).”

First, how is it even possible for SM to set up a concert in another country and not even show the performers the details of the contract SM signed? SM’s behavior makes no sense at all.

Second, what is it that SM didn’t want the three members to find out about? Could it possibly be that much more money would be made by SM than what SM wanted the three members to know? SM’s actions are very suspicious.

More from the translated report:

[Lawyer Lim Sang Hyuk] left a sliver of hope for reconciliation when he said, “The three members are not saying that they want nothing to do with SM Entertainment,” and “We are open to discussions if SM is willing to solve problems such as the clauses in the contract and income division with us.”

The entire situation is unfortunate, but what’s more unfortunate is that TVXQ was put in this position in the first place. 

TVXQ didn’t ask not to be paid. They didn’t ask SM to cancel the Shenzhen concert. They didn’t suspend their own public activities. SM made the decision to do all of these things in retaliation.

Like so many people in entertainment, many of the fans feel that TVXQ’s talents are precious.

The problem is their Korean management company who is absolutely refusing to compromise on anything; refusing to show them details of their own contracts; refusing to allow them the opportunity to be involved in anything SM doesn’t control; and refusing to allow them to perform in public.

Whether or not TVXQ has crossed a bridge they cannot recrossed, it matters how we distinguish who pushed them over to the other side of that bridge.

The only people standing in the way of TVXQ and the fans is SM. The only people keeping them from performing in Shenzhen is SM. The only people keeping TVXQ from their Korean comeback is SM.  The only people keeping Tohoshinki from performing in Japan is SM.

Source Material:
asiae | DNBN
translation: jeeelim5 (tohosomnia.net)

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