Keita (w-inds) Blogs about Jaejoong; Ah so that’s the reason he stayed behind in Japan?

By now, everybody knows how friendly Jaejoong and Keita ( from the Japanese group “w-inds”) are. Apparently when Jaejoong stayed behind in Japan for a little bit, he got to spend time with Keita. The following is from Keita’s blog: I met with Jaejoong. We had a fun conversation like always. We ended up talking […]

Jaejoong says he doesn’t have the heart to date anyone right now

091127 Jejung Replies To Dating Rumours: “There’s No…

A Japanese womens magazine reported on the 26th that Tohoshinki’s member Jejung was dating with a certain Japanese actress, talking about their date during the late night. This magazine reported: “witnessing the two dating at 3am.”

Jejung’s reply to this: “This report has no evidence, and we’ve never met before, and i do not have the heart to date anyone at the moment.”

One of Jejung’s friend has stated: This report has no proof and Jejung has been in Korea after finishing the Shanghai concert in China on the 2nd of October, and has been there right up till arriving in Japan on the 24th. As well as that, Jejung has never gone out by himself at night, this is all a rumour.

JYP Entertainment declares ‘NO to slave contracts’

The agency of Wonder Girls, 2AM, and 2PM, JYP Entertainment, has stated that they are against the use of slave contracts. The Fair Trade Commission of Korea has stated on the 26th “JYP is currently using a contract that is made from our standards with standard stipulations.” Following what the FTC stated, it has been […]

Rumor Alert: Jaejoong Dating? Junsu in a Musical?

Two rumors have hit the web. One involved TVXQ’s smoldering-eyed Jaejoong allegedly dating Japanese star Abiru Yuu. Another rumor involves cutie pie Junsu being involved in a musical!

What’s true? What’s not?

Regarding the Abiru Yuu rumor, reportedly a representative for Jaejoong called the rumor “totally absurd”.

“Jaejoong has never met Abiru Yuu before,” the unnamed representative said.

Crebeau President Slams Beijing Company, Says Beijing Co. Used TVXQ for Ads without Permission

Sports Seoul has news today from the President of Crebeau who recently sat for an interview to talk about the latest controversy between itself and SM Entertainment (SM).

First, here’s a little background on why this information is important:

  • *Crebeau is the cosmetics company into which Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu made a small investment.
  • *SM ridiculously tried to blame Crebeau for the contract dispute between SM and TVXQ. For the record, Crebeau doesn’t have anything to do with the contract dispute between TVXQ and SM.
  • *SM claimed they didn’t know anything about the three members investing in the company, and that the members lied to them to attend an event. This has proven to be untrue and photos surfaced of the SM-appointed manager at the Crebeau event with Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu.
  • *Beijing Representation Corporation filed a lawsuit against members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu making allegations that the three failed to show up at Crebeau promotion events. The allegation is absurd.

Crebeau president Kang Seok Won hired The Beijing Representation Corporation (BRC) to handle all the Crebeau stores in the Shanghai region of China.

The President of Crebeau slapped down allegations being made by BRC against three members of TVXQ.¬† The contract between Crebeau and BRC — which was shown to Sports Seoul news agency — has a clause prohibiting BRC from using TVXQ to advertise the product.

Signed Confession from Man Who Forged TVXQ Signatures on Shenzhen Concert Confirmation Doc

The internet is abuzz today after a copy of the signed confession was revealed from the person who forged Junsu’s, Yoochun’s and Jaejoong’s signature on the Shenzhen concert Note of Confirmation document.

The person who signed it will remain anonymous for now, but admitted that SM (TVXQ’s Korean management company) gave the order to sign the Note of Confirmation instead of the three members.

In addition, the person who forged JaeChunSu’s names admitted that neither SM nor himself/herself received permission from either of the three members to sign their names.

The person admitted Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu¬† were totally unaware that SM was obligating them to perform in Shenzhen without their knowledge. The concert itself wasn’t confirmed until after the three filed a lawsuit against SM. Neither of the three members signed the Note of Confirmation or the Shenzhen contract.