Tohoshinki Stand By You Finally #1

According to the report released on July 6th by Japan Oricon Chart, Tohoshinki’s single “Stand by U” which became the 2nd place before finally beated Japan idol Arashi and is crowned as the king of daily chart.

Released on July 1st on the same day as Tohoshinki, with more than 10,000 copies sold, Arashi was ranked first and Tohoshinki followed straight behind at second. However, thanks to the unfolding effect of Dome concert on July 4th and 5th, finally today Tohoshinki got his Daily Chart 1st.

Tohoshinki “Triple Three” at Tokyo Dome

Popular Korean male group Tohoshinki had their concert at the Tokyo Dome on 4th July. It was the beginning of the final stop for their National tour, and it is their first time performing there since their debut (in Japan) 4 years ago.

Their new single「Stand By U」which was released on 1 July, has already reached an amazing number of 300,000 copies shipped. It is estimated that the tour was attended by around 300,000 people, and their latest album has also passed the 300,000 mark. They have achieved the “Triple Three” of the music industry.

Tohoshinki First DOME Concert Spectacular dome01_small
Fan accounts coming in after Tohoshinki’s (DBSK / TVXQ) first ever solo concert at Tokyo Dome confirm that the 5 member group rocked the house.

Many fans were proud and happy for them, and got a chance to experience all the hard work they put into their performances.

One fan was touched at seeing a ‘sea of red’ in Japan. Red, in this case, is a symbol for Cassiopeia.

Cassiopeia is DBSK’s enormous fan club with almost a million registered members throughout Asia; the red coming from glowing sticks they hold up during DBSK performances.

Stand By U at #2 on Japan Oricon Daily Chart dbsk036
According to ORICON Style daily rank released on July 1st, Tohoshinki’s 28th Japanese single “Stand by U” has been sold for 94,838.

That number placed Tohoshinki as ORICON daily single chart 2nd after Arashi’s “Everything” which is sold for 135,053 on its first day.

Eventhough for this time Tohoshinki missed to get the number 1 spot in ORICON daily, but to compete in local music shares at the same day with idol group Arashi yet still getting a successful result is not easy.