MC Parts: Parts when the guys take a break from singing and talk to the crowd directly, tell jokes and try to entertain them.

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The MC started with the discussion about DBSK’s growth over the years, and moved on to the 3 songs that the members have composed. Junsu was really funny and tried to act sexy by saying, “Kiss the Baby Sk~y”, in a really low voice. Yoochun tried to respond by imitating Junsu for 2 sentences by both of them gave up after the first few lines. dbsk041jenga
Don't tell me Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK/Tohoshinki) doesn't find the time to have a little fun even when they're working! The guys were spotted by BeeTV backstage playing a friendly game of Jenga.

Reportedly Junsu was the most excited during the game, and Yoochun with Changmin helped to make sure he lost. LOL!  Junsu had to do the penalty of making a funny face for 30 seconds and to try to make the other guys laugh before 30 seconds were up. Yoochun was the first to laugh, according to a fan translation (xiahyu-ri - sharingyoochun).

Check out the cute pics below: