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Yunho (TVXQ) in Mourning After Death of Michael Jackson

June 28, 2009 0 yunho_003

DBSK (Tohoshinki / TVXQ) leader Yunho is mourning deeply for the passing of The King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Yunho expressed on his web blog on June 26th through a short entry, to mourn for Michael Jackson who passed away the day before.

Yunho said “When I heard the news about Michael Jackson’s passing, I felt really saddened, he was one of my inspirational teachers, please rest in peace, ‘Smooth Criminal'”

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Please Be Mine Storybook Released July 15

June 28, 2009 0 dbsk032
“Please Be Mine”, the storybook that includes DBSK’s trip to Saipan, is going to be release on 15th July in Korea and Japan.

The storybook to be co-released by SM Entertainment and SBSi records the activity of DBSK in “All About DBSK 3” DVD series which was shot over a month, and also interview stories of the DBSK members in Saipan.

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Changmin UFO Replies June 24 2009

June 27, 2009 0 Changmin
Fan: Oppa… where is this heart going to be placed~I want oppa’s heart… T_T don’t drink alcohol anymore!!
Choikang Changmin: Yes, although I can’t agree to it, but thank you, thank you very much.

(The following 2 messages are from the same fan.)
Fan: Oppa, Changmin oppa!! I’ll buy you a meal when we meet up later!! ^^~ I heard you’re meeting Yunho oppa later
Choikang Changmin: Its like that?~okay~
Fan: See you later! We’ll buy a meal later! Oppa can even go and watch a movie!
Choikang Changmin: Oh…I see…; ;

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B-Pass Magazine Shoot Behind the Scenes

June 27, 2009 0 dbsk012
Couple for the day

After the official photo shoot ended, the photographer took his own camera and said, “(I heard you can play now) Come closer”, and Junsu immediately ran to Jejung’s side. The staff standing at the side laughed and said, “These 2 look like lovers” (laugh).

On 27th May (Tues), 4pm~5.30pm, the interview took place in a recording studio. Many thanks to everyone. Writer Ebisawa, photographer Yamada, office personnel, AVEX representative and make up artist.

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Michael Jackson Dies in California

June 26, 2009 0

Many around the world can hardly believe the news of the death of American icon Michael Jackson.

Jackson had millions of Asian fans among them. One of them was TVXQ’s Yunho who counted the superstar among one of his major dance influences.

In the video below, you can hear Yunho, with an assist from Jaejoong, talking about Michael Jackson. Watch below:

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Stand by U Selected for Drama

June 25, 2009 0

According to a translated report originally posted at, Tohoshinki’s (DBSK/TVXQ) song Stand By U has been chosen to be the theme song for a new drama called “Sweet Room”.