North Korea said it conducted a second underground nuclear test "successfully" Monday, about a month after it threatened to resume nuclear and missile testing to protest the UN condemnation of its April 5 rocket launch.

On the same day, the North also test-fired three short-range surface-to-air missiles from a military base near a site where the nuclear test was presumed to have been conducted, South Korea's presidential office said.
During Tohoshinki's weekly radio show, Bigeast Station 113, Jaejoong revealed that his favorite song at the moment is one by American R&B singer Avant.

The song currently stuck in his head is Avant's "This is your night". The 'magic-faced' Jaejoong says no matter how many times he listens to the song, he doesn't get sick of it. Who wants to bet that the song either reminds him of someone, or he wishes he were in a similar situation? dbsk018
090524 Thank You Blog from TohoMobile [2U Yoochun + Yunho] - DBSK/TVXQ/TOHOSHINKI

Being able to dance as all 5 members, I am really happy!
We will come to Sapporo again~☆
Thank you everyone!!
24th May Sapporo Day 2 ★Secret of TOHOSHINKI★

The biggest obstacle that Junsu had met in his life was when the 3 years it took for him to break his voice completely.

Yoochun wants to go fishing this summer.

Jaejoong has starting working part-time since he was in Primary 6, and his first job was to deliver newspapers.