articlesTVXQ poured their hearts out on March 2nd’s episode of "Knee-Drop Guru".

Explaining their feelings about JYJ breaking off from TVXQ, Yunho stated,"It was a shock to me at that time. I didn’t know [they] filed an injunction. My heart was broken by thinking that our big success at such a young age caused all of this".

He added, "I was also disappointed as a member that they even took the situation as far as filing a lawsuit. I can personally handle being called a ‘traitor’ but I regretted the situation influencing my beloved and respected parents".

Crebeau, the cosmetic company accused of being the cause of TVXQ's disbandment, has been acquitted.

With SM's formal objection against JYJ's exclusive contract suspension injunction already dismissed, it has been found that Crebeau, which SM accused of being the cause of the lawsuit, has been acquitted of all charges.

In July, 2009, three members of the popular idol group TVXQ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) filed an exclusive contract suspension injunction to the Seoul District Courts against SM Entertainment. SM then announced that the trio filed the lawsuit because of the financial temptation that the cosmetic company presented them with.

JYJ has won another victory in the courts in their epic fight against SM Entertainment, its former Korean management company.  According to translated reports, Seoul District Court has thrown out two injunctions filed by SM against JYJ.

The Court has also further confirmed the unfairness of the exclusive contract, and upheld an earlier ruling making sure SM has no right to interfere with JYJ's independent activities.  

Initially, the Court ruled that SM could not interfere with whatever activities Junsu, Yoochun or Jaejoong decided to participate in while this lawsuit is ongoing.  As a result, SM filed an injunction on Oct 27 2009 claiming that it was illegal for the Courts to keep them (SM) from interfering with JYJ activities.


[Asiae Kyeongjae Reporter Lee Chang Hwan] On the strength of the popularity of its signed artists, such as Super Junior and Girls Generation, SM Entertainment recorded its highest ever gain in the first half of this year, but only executives of the company received the fruits through a showering of bonuses. Their fellow executives received 3 times their usual paycheck in bonuses but regular employees, on the other hand, actually saw their salaries shrink. This is causing no small amount of shock, as it seems that the very managers under suspicion for signing Dong Bang Shin Ki, Girls Generation and others on to “slave contracts” are the ones being rewarded.

articlesDong Bang Shin Gi’s Yunho and Changmin, JYJ’s Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, the misunderstandings, opinions, and solutions have not been talked about. Moreover, the distance between the two groups seems to have gotten farther.

On January 12th, Dong Bang Shin Gi’s Yunho and Changmin came to Apgujeong, Seoul had an interview during the Everysing conference. At this interview, they bluntly expressed what they wanted to say to JYJ. Yunho said “I myself want them to come back quickly. Back to the place we belong.”

“I think it is because we have a period when the five of us were happy and which we treasure, that I can now be in a place like this, and because we have these memories that we can now exist as the people we are right now. When viewing the state of this battle going back and forth from a third person’s point of view, it does look ugly. That’s why, at least, we don’t want to pollute the memories that we have within us.” Changmin says.
Worldwide Daily News and National Daily News recently met with the TVXQ members, Yunho (25) and […]