Jaejoong – DBSK Perfect Women? Part 3

(dongbanger) Jaejoong – Mr. ‘I-like-girls-with-pretty-hands’ – has the goal of finding his true love using a very specific criteria. Namely, he says he is first attracted to women with pretty hands.

‘Youngwood’ (my nickname for him, and yes I know the correct name is ‘Youngwoong’) seems to have an appreciation of aesthetics as evidenced by his own sense of style and personal beauty. I also think he has great instincts even if he doesn’t think so.

Jaejoong is simultaneously one of the most beautiful and most handsome guys I have ever seen. He has a ‘magic face’. Depending on which image he wants to portray at the time, he can be quite beautiful or look like a total streetwise bad-boy.

This wide range is also good if he ever wants to make the leap into serious acting.

With that said, it won’t be shocking at all if he ends up with someone equally as stunning as he.

Jaejoong is persistent! His survival instinct is at a very high level. It’s hard to tell the personality characteristics he wants in a woman, but he seems like the kind of guy who’s attracted to very interesting people.

I don’t think he likes to be chased. Any woman who throws themselves at him, pretty hands or not, may not interest him. However, Jaejoong seems like the kind of person who is welcoming to all kinds of people. So he may go for that type… he may not. I think he’s unpredictable.

He seems very complex in his outward simplicity, so a woman who is complicated may be more attractive to him than a goody-goody-two-shoes type.

During a radio show, he once said he likes a girl who’s clean on the outside and dirty on the inside. Who knows if he was kidding or not. But that probably means he wants a respectable lady in public who is ‘dirty’ in private.

The perfect woman for him is someone who tries hard and puts a lot of thought/effort into what she’s doing. Simple and very thoughtful gifts — like a handwritten poem or a handmade craft — would probably go a long way with him. Maybe he’s attracted to people who are deep or have gone through life changing experiences.

He has a good sense of humor and great instincts. I think he’s more likely to follow his gut than his head sometimes (which may have gotten him into trouble before LOL!).

One thing’s for sure: the man likes to look good.  He once said in an interview, he’s the type who always wants to look good so as not to embarrass the girl he’s with. Will ‘sloppy’ girls get his attention? I don’t know. I assume he wants someone who puts as much effort into her appearance as he does, even if she’s not famous.

You can tell he has deep emotions with an undercurrent of sadness wrapped in hope. He, like his fellow members, pulled himself up by hard work and blatant audacity. So the perfect woman for him has to have a strong sense of perseverance and the ability to offer unconditional love.

What do you think?


Yoochun vs Too-close-for-comfort Fan at Airport

Say, for example, you may be dang near exhausted after traveling all over the place performing. You probably want to get home, take a shower, put on fresh clothes, get a little sleep and look over your upcoming schedule.

Suddenly, somebody is literally right in front of your face invading your personal space — with a flash camera too — trying to take your picture while you’re in line at the airport.

What do you do? If you’re TVXQ’s Yoochun, you probably say a few words to that person and remove the camera out of your face.

A fan posted a fancam of such an incident recently. Watch it now:

If I were in his position, the consequences may have been more severe.

These guys give their all. Their lives are not their own. They care so much about their fans that when they get involved in relationships (which may be almost never), they keep as secret as possible so as to not totally upset their fans or the girl who’s brave enough to date them.

Having someone standing inches in front of you putting a camera in your face while you’re trying to get through the airport can be a bit unnerving.

BTW, where the heck was airport security?!

What do you think?


Song that made me love… Junsu


The song that made me love Junsu was Beautiful Thing. If you haven’t heard this song, you seriously need to.  It is one of the best vocal performances with one of the best pieces of music I’ve ever heard him sing.

His tone, quality, pitch, everything was beautiful. And yes, he does sound like that live. I’ve also seen the live performance.

A snippet of Beautiful Thing was played as background music in Yoochun’s storyline in the mini-drama they did called ‘Vacation’.  I was watching and suddenly this incredibly beautiful song came on in the background. My eyes widened and I was thinking ‘Wha?! Is that Junsu?! What’s the name of this song!”

Listen to it now:

I literally knew nothing about it and so I googled something like ‘song in  background of tvxq Vacation’. And one link led to another, which led to another. And finally I had the name of that song Junsu sings in the background of Yoochun’s part of Vacation.

Finally I was able to hear the entire song. Its one of those songs you hear for the first time and for like 3 days you can’t stop singing it in your head. It’s beautiful.

Suddenly Junsu had appeared before me. Haha! Just kidding. I don’t mean literally, but figuratively. I hadn’t really noticed just how talented he really is.

Until Dec 2008, I had no idea Junsu could even play the piano! I’m serious. I am! Beautiful Thing made me love this guy’s voice. When you hear him sing on the radio you immediately know it’s him. His voice is as distinctive as his personality.


Junsu – DBSK Perfect Women? Part 2

Junsu, Junsu, Junsu! The type of woman who would be perfect for Junsu would have to be someone who has a soft spot for his adorableness!
I can’t be sure but I think Junsu may like women who remind him of specific qualities of his mom. Not in a creepy way! In a sweet way.

Junsu has a very sweet personality but he still has a few ‘jock-like’ tendencies: he loves sports and he can only focus intensely on one or a couple of things at a time. LOL!
He’s also deceptively sexy! Go and look at the way Junsu’s built. He has a small waist but he’s very hot! And any lady worth 2 cents can appreciate that plump, oh-so-squeezable derriere!

A great lady for Junsu may be one who has a deep appreciation and complete affection for the things he’s interested in. He’s a twin, so if his brother JunHo doesn’t like her, I’m not sure she’ll stand a chance with him.

He has a good soul and the ability to make the people around him smile without even trying, from the videos I’ve seen.

However, he should definitely stay away from manipulative women! Yuk! Those kind could be poisonous to his relationships with his friends and family, not to mention his bank account.

I always joke online that I could never be Junsu’s girlfriend because first, he’d have to like women older than him (LOL!), and second, I’m afraid I would totally let him get away with all kinds of stuff.

I’d be like ‘Junsu! You said you’d call me…!’ blah blah blah. Then he’ll do an adorable pose, make baby sounds (think the ‘Vacation’ minidrama), or start singing with his beautiful voice and I’d totally melt! Waahhh~~ Junsuuu~~ LOL!

He, like all the rest of the guys, would probably do well keeping his relationships extremely secret/discreet from the public. Come on now girls! They are grown men now. :-p

You can tell that he’s precious and works hard, so he needs a funny (but not wild) woman who knows how to cherish that.

What do you think?
Credit: dongbanger.com


Yunho – DBSK Perfect Women? Part 1

Alright, so what type of woman would be the perfect woman for Yunho? I seriously put some thought into this. Yunho is (seems) very sociable, sweet-natured, respectful, resourceful and an all-around ‘people person’, you know. (no pun intended)

Though he says he wants a woman to lead him and tell him what to do, I think the perfect woman for him would be someone who is very much his equal. Instead of having some lady slap him up side the head every 2 seconds, I think he’d do great with someone who is as in control of her emotions as he is.

I don’t know, but he may very quickly get tired of some woman ‘leading’ him or telling him what to do. He needs someone who will argue with him, learn with him, challenge him but not embarrass him or publicly humiliate him.

Yunho may be a bundle of nerves on the inside, but he hardly ever lets it show. So he needs a girl similar.

What do you think? 🙂


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