Yes, they were twins. Fraternal twins, maybe, but twins, nonetheless. Just because they were born on the same day doesn’t mean they were close. It was quite the contrary, actually. They were too different, with different values and thoughts towards everything. Jaejoong was smart, not afraid to speak his mind, but respectful if it came […]

Handcuffs and Hookups

Officers Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun have been partners for years; they’re the best unit in the district. But when Jaejoong stuffs up on a case, he gets given a new partner as punishment – one Jung Yunho, the most annoying, arrogant pervert Jaejoong has ever had the misfortune to meet.

Mpreg Trilogy

Who says that being pregnant does not have any advantages? One pregnant man was enough to raise the devil from hell? But 2 of them? You bet there would be enough hell for the DBSK’s family! Watch out how Junsu and Jae teamed up to make their husbands’ life miserable! And how Changmin tried to […]