articlesAccording to Yonhap News (17 December), Korean company SM Entertainment’s founder, and largest shareholder Lee Soo Man sold away a portion of his shares on 15 December, cashing in for about 7.8 billion won.

Korean Economic Investment Industry expressed on 16 December, that Lee Soo Man, on the 15th of this month, sold off 500,000 shares at the price of 15,671 won per share. This was approximately 7% lower than the closing price of 16,850 won from the previous day. In total, he received 7.83550 billion won.

[TRANS] 101216 JYJ Fan Sign Meeting On 20th; Broadcasting Live On Twitter

JYJ will be holding a fan sign meeting for their first worldwide album "The Beginning".

The first fan sign meeting will be held on the 20th, at "De Chocolate Coffee" cafe. This is JYJ's way of thanking their fans for the support shown when they released their first album and for the success of their showcase and concert.

According to translated reports out of Taiwan, Jaejoong has been chosen by Taiwan Entertainment Magazine Pop as the most popular star from Korea.  Jaejoong popular features were a hot topic months ago when a popular Taiwanese group mentioned his big eyes and small mouth as features they admired about him.

His popularity in other countries like Japan and China also contributes to his designation in this area. The fact that JYJ's new album sold half a million copies in pre-orders alone has to have something to do with it as well.