PRISTAR Lead Singer Impressed by Tohoshinki, Thinks Jejung is Really Cool

kosaka masato dongbangerSinger Kosaka Masato from the Japanese rock band PRISTAR is reported to be enamored with the talent of Tohoshinki.  There were a list of questions to which Kosaka provided his answers.  According to the translated reports, his target for inspiration to become better is Tohoshinki’s Jejung (Jaejoong).

If you’ve read my blog here, you know I think Jejung’s rock vocal ability is incredible.

When asked to name a person he thinks is “really cool and possesses a great amount of talent”, again Kosaka singled out Jejung.  Don’t misunderstand, though. He also gave props to Tohoshinki as a group, saying that they are the recent J-POP artist he’s currently interested in and that he’s “obsessed” with the #1 song “Why Did I Fall In Love with You?”

Interview: Changmin ELLE JAPON Photoshoot Secrets

The beautiful Changmin wore clothing styles different from before, so taking advantage of the atmosphere left over from the photoshoot, the interview began. With a one-question and one-answer format, Changmin’s language is introduced to everybody.

Q. Recent object that you find cute?
A. Toothless, from the movie “How To Train Your Dragon”

Q. If you were to date, would Korean or Japanese be better to use?
A. Of course, I’m more fluent in Korean, so it’ll be easier. If I don’t speak Japanese for a certain period of time, it will become unfamiliar.

Q. Which article of clothing did you like the best from today’s shoot?
A. The Prada sweater. I normally like knitted clothing.

Q. Do you buy things in Tokyo? Which shop do you normally go to?
A. I will buy stuff, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to peacefully go to the store I usually go to so it’s a secret.

PICS: Jejung in 3hree Voices DVD, Pics of the cutie visitng Canada UPDATE w/More pics!

A few pics of Jejung at Whitehorse from the 3hree Voices DVD are causing me to go “Awwww! Kawaii! Aikurushii~” like a fangirl.

Jejung, Jejung, Jejung. How can that kid be so photogenic? Even in the super-close shots, he’s flawless!  Anyway, here are the pics:

Yoochun Speaks for the First Time about TVXQ situation at SungKyunKwan Scandal press conference

yoochun05 dongbanger
Challenging acting for the first time, Micky Yoochun answered the reporters with regards to other TVXQ members and also talked about his recent situation.

On the afternoon of 15 July, Micky Yoochun attended the press conference for the KBS drama “SungKyunKwang Scandal”, at Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Do.

During the press conference, when asked if he had been badly affected by the relationship between the members of TVXQ, Micky Yoochun replied honestly, “During the time of the lawsuit, Yunho was busy with his drama, and Changmin was at Jeju Island. Actually, we don’t contact each other as often as people think, because we have all been busy. However, even though we don’t have much contact, but there really doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between our relationship now and previously, and we get along well. As time passes, it feels like there really isn’t much that has changed.”

3hree Voices Sneak Preview; Ah Jejung with Frozen Eyelashes?! [PICS]

jyj dongbanger

Posted Image

The DVD has finally been released

In order to continue working hard for the future, the 3 chose to go on vacation separately.
Before their activities in the form of a new group, Junsu, Jejung, and Yuchun, who still had many anxieties in their hearts, each chose their favorite places to go on vacation as means of adjustment of their mentalities and to continuing working hard with a brand new face and attitude. The happenings during the vacations have been turned into images for release~ this is place for the first exclusive release!