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I thought that anything standing in the way of the continued rise of TVXQ would be crushed. While that may have been my melodramatic way to express my belief that TVXQ is special beyond just a regular group, it looks like "the universe" is beginning to work it's magic. SM is in deep $hit.

News just broke that the company standing in the way of TVXQ being allowed to freely express themselves as a group of 5 (especially in their home country of South Korea) is being investigated for unfair contract terms. I won't get too overly excited until there is more than just allkpop attached to the source of this news, though.

The Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) made the announcement of the investigation into SM, according to translated reports.

When SM's founder Lee Soo Man suddenly announced his resignation from official duties, AND news that AVEX (Japan) divested completely from SM, we all should have known something big was coming. Word probably came down about the investigations and upcoming scandals within SM.

What's worse for SM is that the unfair practices against TVXQ may be the tip of the iceberg. Other groups like SNSD and Super Junior as well as 53 other celebrities that fall under SM Entertainment will have their contract terms investigated, according to the translated reports.