Based on the album, , that was released in March, they are currently holding their national tour, which will be attended by 250,000 people. During the tour, they announced that their new single, , will be released on 1st July, and the song's preview has been released. Sure to be a big hit, this sad love song is the continuation of the popular single , which was released last year.

Besides this, it has been decided that the encore and final performance will be held in the Tokyo Dome on 4th and 5th July; their first time performing there. Just like the album, a more mature Tohoshinki with fantastic dance moves, excellent vocal abilities and hot dance stages will be presented during the Live. dbsk041jenga
We told you previously that BeeTV caught the guys having a little fun playing Jenga backstage after one of their concerts.

Now there's VIDEO for you to watch! Sorry, no subs yet, but it's  still funny! Check it out below: yunho_003
Translated reports indicate that TVXQ's slim sexy leader, Yunho Jung (first name, last name) has signed to model for Evisu's 2009 Fall/Winter season.

Evisu's previous models included Super Juniors Siwon Choi (first name, last name) who took the lead for their 2008 Spring/Summer season.