US Music Exec Talks About Working with JYJ, CJeS


Exclusive: US Artist and Repertoire Executive/Producer ‘Niddy’ talks about signing the first African-American K-Pop artist and opens up about working with JYJ.

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When you talk to K-Pop fans in the US, their biggest complaint is usually centered around the lack of attention the genre gets in the mainstream music scene and how the aforementioned oversight has become a detrimental obstacle for the path of  wide-scale K-Pop tours in the US.  While K-Pop is slowly starting to get a major foothold in the country’s market, many labels and producers have yet had the chance to fall in love with the genre.

Outstanding 3 day Concert Event at Tokyo Dome for JYJ


By all accounts, it was an outstanding return for JYJ through their live performances in Japan’s famous Tokyo Dome.

On April 2nd, 3rd and 4th, a total of 150,000 fans laughed, screamed, cried, and enjoyed beautiful and emotional performances from the members of JYJ.   The concerts sold out even though they were held on weekdays.

Proving their sustained and massive popularity — even though JYJ weren’t allowed to promote or appear on entertainment shows in Japan for over two years — tickets for all 3 Tokyo Dome appearances completely sold out.  And yes, there will be a DVD available too!

JYJ at Tokyo Dome!

Today is the 1st day of multiple performances JYJ will be holding in Japan at the famous Tokyo Dome. Update #1: Here Update #2: Here Update #3: Here All concerts have been sold out and fans are waiting for a show.  Its been years since JYJ was also to stand on that stage without hindrances […]