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Wow. From the 'why-the-hell-haven't-you-been-doing-this-all-along' file, comes the release of Jaejoong's (JYJ) brand new video for the rock song titled 'Mine'.  Its dark, sleek, fantastical, pro-level, and shows Jaejoong's obvious talent for rock.

Jaejoong's voice loves rock the way Junsu's voice loves RnB.  His voice has a way of growing wings (hint,hint) and taking flight specifically when he's steeped in the genre.  

Was that Jaejoong's face on the side of that bus?? Why, yes it is!  One of the ways Jaejoong is advertising his upcoming solo concert and fanmeeting is with ads which move all over the place.

CJeS, the agency working for JYJ, announced they have began their advertising campaign for Jaejoong's solo project, mini concert and fanmeeting.

The concert sold out in seconds and reportedly crashed the ticket website's servers.

"We put on advertisements on billboards all over Seoul, various websites, etc," said CJeS.



Seven-member rookie hip-hop group Block B has filed a lawsuit against their talent agency for failure to pay the members in accordance with their contract. The suit, filed with the Seoul District Court, requests that their exclusive contract with Stardom Agency be nullified.

The lawsuit states that the group’s initial contract promised that on top of the agency providing training and facilities, the singers be paid on the 25th of every month. Block B claims that the members did not receive any such payments from their agency for about a year starting in April 2011.

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Jaejoong is getting ready for the release of his solo project on January 17!  He's already released one song, One Kiss, which has the fandom salivating for more.  The rock ballad showcases his vocals and ability to express his emotional side. 

It was also number one the first day of its release on several highly popular internet music sites (like iTunes) in several different countries.  A short (too short!) teaser video for 'Mine' has been released and you can watch it now.

jaejoongminicover01 dongbanger
Wha?! Jaejoong is flexing those rock-perfect vocal cords in his new song, “One Kiss”. In the […]
jaejoongminicover01 dongbanger


jaejoongminicover01 dongbanger


Wha?! Jaejoong is flexing those rock-perfect vocal cords in his new song, "One Kiss".

In the song, you can clearly hear why fans have been begging him for years to sing more rock music.  When he let's his voice open up, you hear his clear and piercing voice.