Happy Birthday! Jaejoongie Turns 27

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Although Jaejoong celebrates his birthday on Jan 26, he will turn 27 (28 in Korea) on Feb 4!
I guess you can say one of his birthday “presents” is the fact that his rock mini album “I’, which was released on Jan 17, debuted at #1 on the Hanteo weekly chart.  This is a huge accomplishment because Hanteo is one of the largest album sale monitoring charts in South Korea.

JYJ Magazine Will Celebrate First 1000 Day as ‘JYJ’, Other Entertainers Should Take Notes

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After winning both of their cases against SM Entertainment (Korea) and avex Entertainment (Japan) respectively,  JYJ will release a magazine in February celebrating their first 1000 days since they stood up for fairness and became JYJ.

JYJ has had a hard road to create, but they continue to stand up like men and unashamedly cut their own path despite not having the backing of a big, totalitarian entertainment agency.

Over the course of their fight, they have been blocked in their own country by the Korean entertainment mill from appearing on television to promote any of their projects.  Not too many Korean entertainers which are still part of that system have publicly shown support for JYJ either.

Jaejoong’s Friends Show Support for his New Mini Album

Jaejoong’s celebrity friends are showing support for his new and highly anticipated mini album which was just released.

Former member of the group F.Cuz, Lee U, posted a pic on his twitter account which shows himself, Jin Yihan, Seungwoo, and Seo Inwo holding up Jaejoong’s album.

According to translated reports, Lee U also praised Jaejoong’s “classy and cool” cover.