Reports: JYJ and SM Legal Battle is Over Update #1

November 28, 2012 dongbanger.com 0


According to translated reports, the legal dispute between JYJ and their former agency, SM Entertainment, is now over.

Both sides have reportedly agreed to drop all lawsuits against each other and the trio should now be free to promote their various projects on entertainment shows throughout South Korea.  

Producers of various entertainment shows had previously used the ongoing lawsuit as an excuse to block JYJ from promoting their projects.  Despite the blockade in South Korea and Japan, JYJ’s star has risen steadily in the international markets.  

Becoming the first South Korean group to perform solo in South America, and the success of Junsu’s solo world tour, has put the fear of God into the big, antiquated entertainment systems like the one run by SM.


After Earnings Decrease, SM Blames Duo Group TVXQ ?

November 22, 2012 dongbanger.com 0

Guess who may be blaming the duo version of TVXQ for their falling business profits?  If you said SM, you’ve guessed correctly according to a translated reports from naver.com.

Apparently, SM is struggling to come up with a reason why their business profits were way below expectations.  So, they blamed it on the production cost of TVXQ’s concerts. Wow.

Is this a pre emptive strike for what’s to come? Who knows but time will tell.

Here’s the report: