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C-Jes, JYJ Pissed at Fake Fans Behavior

September 21, 2011 dongbanger.com 0

jyj hands dongbanger
Oh snap!  C-Jes, the agency managing JYJ, has issued a statement aimed directly at a-holes who are spreading rumors and making malicious attacks against the group all while proclaiming themselves to be “fans”.

C-Jes says it has already “secured evidences” against some people who are attacking JYJ and have issued individual warnings towards some of those who were caught.

This situation(s) must be very serious because the company wants the public to know they will be submitting evidence to the Cyber Terror Response Center, and will be officially requesting police investigations.  

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JYJ Awesome at Daegu

September 4, 2011 dongbanger.com 0

JYJ performed at the closing ceremony of the Daegu 2012 Summer Olympics.  The trio made up of  Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu gave it their all for the crowd of excited people from all over the world.