Hangeng and SM End their Legal Feud


hangeng03It’s just been revealed that Hangeng and SM Entertainment have finally settled on a mutual agreement, officially ending their long legal dispute.

It was recently reported that Hangeng had withdrawn his countersuit against SM’s appeal to the court decision that had judged in favor of Hangeng.

On September 27th, legal representatives of both Hangeng and SM released a statement saying, “Hangeng and SM have amicably settled on a mutual agreement, and the lawsuit was able to come to a close after Hangeng submitted his ‘Notice of Withdrawal of Appeal’.”

Jaejoong`s Strong Message against Suicide


jaejoong 016aJaejoong has some strong words of support for those who may be feeling depressed enough to consider taking their own life.

In an interview taken as part of a suicide prevention campaign, called “A Beautiful Korea Living Together”, Jaejoong gives advice about finding joy in the little things in life.

He also  lets people know that everybody, regardless of their lifestyle, experiences hardships and misery.  He says in those times its best to overcome those feelings with love, thankfulness and to reach out to people close to you.

C-Jes, JYJ Pissed at Fake Fans Behavior

jyj hands dongbanger
Oh snap!  C-Jes, the agency managing JYJ, has issued a statement aimed directly at a-holes who are spreading rumors and making malicious attacks against the group all while proclaiming themselves to be “fans”.

C-Jes says it has already “secured evidences” against some people who are attacking JYJ and have issued individual warnings towards some of those who were caught.

This situation(s) must be very serious because the company wants the public to know they will be submitting evidence to the Cyber Terror Response Center, and will be officially requesting police investigations.