Angry Response to Sisa Magazine 2580 Report on Idols vs Entertainment Companies

MBC’s ‘Sisa Magazine 2580’ released a report on the dispute between idols and their entertainment agencies but has fallen under a concentrated attack by JYJ fans. These fans of JYJ claim that the program was adjusted with a strong bias towards the entertainment agencies before it was aired.

On the 30th, ‘Sisa Magazine 2580’ aired an in depth report on the disputes between idols and their entertainment agencies as Kara’s proclamation to end their contract with their agency has brought up the controversy once more. The episode had garnered great attention before it aired for it was known that it would deal with JYJ’s situation as well, as they have been unable to appear on broadcasting channels due to their legal dispute after the disbandment of TVXQ.

JYJ: Jaejoong Hero Festival Video Interview Excerpts

Jaejoong’s Video Interview at Hero Festival (Excerpts translated)
Q1: Three important things in interpersonal relationships:

Networking is really important. My friends disappeared a lot (meaning recently I’ve lost a lot of friends). So I spend more time at home these days. So I’m thinking about meeting new people. This is a really good question for this time [in my life]. Networking. It’s important.

It’s not like you can make new friends that easily just because I try to meet more people. Recently I’ve met a lot of friends with same interests or friends in the same field. When you meet someone, if you’re a good listener and understand that person well, and that person is looking for a friend who trusts him and listens to him well… That’s why people look for me. It sounded like I was bragging.

I think that’s the best method. If you really pay attention and listen to what they say and answer/talk with them with sincerity, then it’ll work.
You’ll be able to become a friend that [people/your friends] will feel truly happy to spend time with.

Ah~ it’s not much fun when I MC alone like this, right? Hehe
Please hold on a second, I have to pick the [next] question.
Oh, this seems like a good question.

JYJ on MBN News to talk about New Personal Music Essay Album

JYJ were deeply moved when they made their appearance on the news and received a birthday cake!
At the news studio a surprise birthday party had unfolded!

While JYJ had been making their appearance on MBN news, the staff at the news studio had prepared a shocking surprise in order to congratulate Jaejoong’s birthday.
When the cake made this sudden appearance, the three members were quite surprised but immediately starting expressing their thanks and the three of them together laughed with bright smiles.

As Jaejoong was congratulated for his birthday, Jaejoong told us that this was his first time receiving a birthday cake during a broadcast and was not quite able to hide his bewilderment!

Govt Officials Hold Meeting to Discuss the Rights of Idols in Entertainment Industry – JYJ , Kara mentioned

By ChristianToday Reporter Lee Dae Ung
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Participants include government officials, media representatives and entertainment management representatives.

In  light of recurring incidents involving idols (teenage entertainers),  such as those involving Dong Bang Shin Ki and Kara, which have exposed  ‘slave contracts’, the head producers of three broadcasting stations,  representatives from entertainment management companies and related  officials and representatives convened a government meeting to cooperate  over the protection of idols’ basic rights.

Held on the morning of the  26th at the council chamber of the Ministry of Gender and  Family in Seoul, the participants included the Minister-in-charge of  youth from the Ministry of Gender and Family Baik Hui Young, KBS chief  of media contents Gil Hwan Young, MBC chief producer Cho Joong Hyeon, ,  SBS chief producer Pai Cheol Ho, the representative from Media Line Kim  Chang Hwan, the representative from CAN Entertainment Kang Seung Ho, the  representative of Music Factory Kim Tae Hyeong as well as  representatives from other entertainment management companies. Officials  from the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, the Korean  Communications Commission, the Fair Trade Commission and other related  agencies also participated.