Ferry Tragedy: Passengers couldn't escape South Korean ferry, crew member says

April 21, 2014 Off Topic: News CNN
Passengers aboard the doomed South Korean ferry couldn't reach lifeboats to escape because the ship tilted so quickly that it left many of them unable to move, according to a radio transcript released Sunday. "Please notify the coast guard. Our ship is in…

Jaejoong to Play Gangster for upcoming drama Triangle

April 21, 2014 Latest
Jaejoong is currently shooting his new drama "Triangle" to be broadcast on MBC. Recently, photos from the set show the singer/songwriter wearing a leather jacket and looking differently than he appears when he's on stage singing rock music. The tough,…
silly JaejoongBaby01

Cute Jaejoong! Old habits... kekeke

April 20, 2014 Fun
Fun! Jaejoong likes being adorable, doesn't he? LOL!



Korean FTC blasts SM, Issues Sanction for Blocking JYJ

July 25, 2013 Five in the Black
The Korean FTC has issued a sanction against JYJ's former management agency for purposely…
jyj2045 dongbanger

JYJ Magazine Will Celebrate First 1000 Day as 'JYJ', Other Entertainers Should Take Notes

January 22, 2013 Five in the Black
After winning both of their cases against SM Entertainment (Korea) and avex Entertainment (Japan)…
jaejoongminicover01 dongbanger

In case you forgot: Jaejoong + Rock = AWE.SOME. [AUDIO]

January 08, 2013 Five in the Black
Wha?! Jaejoong is flexing those rock-perfect vocal cords in his new song, "One Kiss". In the song,…
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SM Troubles

November 28, 2012

Reports: JYJ and SM Legal Battle is Over Update #1

in SM
According to translated reports, the legal dispute between JYJ and their former agency, SM Entertainment, is now over. Both sides have reportedly agreed to drop all lawsuits against each other and the trio should now be free to promote their various projects…
Nov 22, 2012 1230

After Earnings Decrease, SM Blames Duo Group TVXQ ?

Guess who may be blaming the duo version of TVXQ for their falling business profits? If…
jyj062 dongbanger
Jul 18, 2012 2457

Final verdict in JYJ vs SM case Delayed until Aug 10 2012

Word out of Korea is the final hearing/announcement of the verdict which was supposed to…

avex Nonsense

January 18, 2013

JYJ Win Lawsuit over avex, Company Cannot Interfere with Japanese Activities

BREAKING -- According to translated reports, CJeS has confirmed that a Court has ruled in JYJ's favor and avex can no longer hinder JYJ from…
goto maki
Aug 13, 2011 1599

Goto Maki distrust in Avex, possible reason for hiatus

Industry insiders were quoted this week saying that Maki distrust for Avex is the main…
Jun 23, 2011 1246

AVEX CEO Charged for Threatening Shareholder? Has ties to a Gang? WTF? JYJ

Wow. Hot off the twitter presses comes word that the CEO of avex, Max Matsuura, is in…

KBS Bull$hit

October 20, 2011

Did KBS Lie to the Public about Allowing JYJ on Air Once Album is Released?

in KBS
KBS has once again refused to allow JYJ on their shows after previously claiming they would reconsider letting the trio appear on Music Bank once…
Jul 21, 2011 1036

Korean Senator Condemns KBS and Asks for Apology for Blocking JYJ

Senator Kim Jae Yoon has publicly condemned KBS for their decision to cancel JYJ's…
Jul 18, 2011 934

Major complaints against KBS and SM over JYJ blockage of N7W Jeju promotion Update #1

As you already know from a previous blog post, CJeS is livid at the fact that JYJ has…